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Thanksgiving travel 2021 || Thanksgiving in New York

Hello, guys Today we will discuss Thanksgiving travel 2021 Of course, read the full article.

Thanksgiving is the best known holiday in the United States. Its origin dates back to 1621 when it was celebrated by the American Indians and the Pilgrims (founders of the Plymouth Colony, today Plymouth, Massachusetts). Thanksgiving is a holiday that everyone celebrates for its secular nature.


Thanksgiving travel 2021 || Thanksgiving in New York

When is Thanksgiving?

It changes the date every year, but it is always the fourth Thursday in November, and in 2021 it will be Thursday, November 25. This date also marks the unofficial start of the Christmas holidays, with Black Friday being celebrated the next day. Thanksgiving means giving thanks, saying blessings, and spending time with family.


What happens on Thanksgiving in New York?

All Americans have a day off from work except in hotels, coffee shops, or the service sector. Banks, government headquarters, and almost all businesses close on Thanksgiving, so most people take advantage of sleeping in late or getting up early to watch a parade in Manhattan or on television. Later, families and friends gather at home to share a great dinner and watch football.


Thanksgiving travel 2021 || Thanksgiving in New York

What can you do in New York on Thanksgiving?

Go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! You can also watch it live on television on the NBC channel. Immediately after this parade, another Thanksgiving tradition is celebrated, the National Dog Show. After dinner, the custom is to watch movies (at home or at the cinema). Since most museums are closed and Broadway shows are not performed on Thanksgiving, you can have a quiet afternoon in New York. Then you can go shopping like crazy because Black Friday starts at sunset.


Would you like to see the parade in the front row without having to queue from dawn to secure your place? Then book breakfast with a view of the Thanksgiving parade. Breakfast takes place in the perfect location, located along the parade route on 6th Avenue. Enjoy a bagel breakfast as you watch the parade go by.


If you want something special on Thanksgiving I recommends doing the Thanksgiving Dinner Cruise. Here you can enjoy the Manhattan skyline at night while an experienced chef prepares you a wonderful dinner. It is the best place to sit and rest. You'll be back at 10 PM, so you can still get in on the Black Friday craze.

Try typical Thanksgiving food

If you are in New York on Thanksgiving, often known as "Turkey Day", try a typical dish, I assure you that you will not regret it. They will offer you "comfort food", huge servings of meat and potatoes. So better forget about the Thanksgiving diet, because there won't be too many low-calorie foods. You dine at someone's house or restaurant these items will be on the menu: stuffed turkey, gravy (thick gravy for meat), ham, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, corn, sweet potato, bread rolls, and lots of different sweets like cakes, cookies, and cakes. Most Americans celebrate this day by giving thanks for the food. This is Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving.

People often ask me which restaurants I recommend for Thanksgiving in New York. I always have dinner with my family at home, but PhilipMarie, Robert NYC, and Marseille are good places to go. Restaurants usually offer a closed Thanksgiving menu. Make sure to book early to secure a table, as many restaurants will be full that day.


The night before Thanksgiving

The night before Thanksgiving people can walk among the parade balloons because they finish preparing them on the Upper West Side, near Central Park. They inflate between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m., and viewers are fascinated by the first glimpses of these balloon-shaped works of art. So if you're in town the night before Thanksgiving and want to experience it firsthand, head to the American Museum of Natural History on Central Park West, between West 77th and 81st streets.


Thanksgiving travel 2021 || Thanksgiving in New York

Getting around town on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is New York's busiest day of the year. In fact, the entire weekend is one of the most difficult to travel in the US In the morning there will be big traffic jams in the city due to the parade, so it is best to move by subway or walking if possible. Please note that public transport does not work during normal hours. The parade draws several million spectators each year so the city, and especially that area, will be well packed in the hours before and after the event.

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