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Beauty tips for makeup || Easy and best beauty tips

Hello, guys Today we will Provide beauty tips for makeup Of course, read the full article.

Making up your face does not mean turning it into a mask. With these makeup tips what you want is to highlight your positive points and make the unfavorable ones less noticeable.

Beauty tips for makeup

Makeup is often compared to a mask, without taking into account that its purpose is above all to highlight the positive points of the face and hide the unfavorable ones.

This resource, like beauty routines, reflects the sensitivity and taste with which the person takes care of their aesthetic appearance.

Have you ever noticed that when you wake up sad or depressed, you put your grooming aside and don't worry about looking good? And that on days of special significance or of optimism on the surface, you take great care in every aspect of your appearance?

 This is why it is important to bear in mind that feeling well presented can raise your self-esteem and project a better image towards others.

 Aware of the physical or mental change that cosmetics offer, beauty companies produce an immense range of products that allow you to look splendid in any place and circumstance.

Basic criteria for putting on makeup(Beauty tips for makeup)

Natural makeup - Tips There are so many cosmetic aids on the market, and so many favors they offer, that it is not easy to choose.

The most important thing, however, before making any decisions, is to consider your skin type.

Once this is done, it is recommended that you carefully examine your face, analyzing which are the points you want to highlight and which ones to minimize. To do this, choose a day free of commitments and settle in a well-lit place, avoiding white light, since it subtracts tones from the face.

With the help of a mirror, familiarize yourself with your features, analyze the texture of your skin and discover how to make the most of your face with the right cosmetics.

Never overdo the use of makeup, if you don't want it to take on an artificial appearance and resemble, this time, a mask that distorts the image you want to project.

Always makeup according to the time of day or night and the type of activity to which you are going to dedicate yourself.

Your face is a single unit, so you should not concentrate your makeup task only on your eyes; your mouth, cheeks, nose, and chin should complement each other to create a uniform image.

When you have defined the positive or negative points of your face, try various types of makeup and select the most delicate for the day; leave the sophisticated for the evening hours.


This term refers to the art of correcting the face and accentuating its most beautiful features through these makeup tips.


With a little practice and dedication, you can learn to sculpt the face you've always wanted to show off; You only need the help of bases and shades of different shades and apply them in specific places.


Thus, for, For example, light colors will highlight the areas of greater depth on the face and will hide the bumps.


Faces of today

The flexibility that you give to your makeup is very important, since as beauty houses launch new colors, fashion and cosmetologists in turn impose changes in the way of applying the products. You have to evolve and leave the old practices behind without fear; experiment and update your cosmetics to keep up with the image of modern times.


The speed with which you live today requires that you unleash your imagination: combine new and cheerful colors, create makeup according to your personality, and take into account the activities you do daily.

Many of the products that have appeared recently leave a natural glow on your face that makes it especially sensual and attractive. Some are so light that you can see the skin through its modern hues. These basic pastel and neutral tones allow you to create large and defined eyes, arched and well-groomed eyebrows, rosy and transparent cheeks.


In times of stress it is advisable to use a light foundation on your face, especially in the inner corners of the eyes and around the nose. For the eyes, a layer of mascara is enough, and in case of biting your lips due to nervousness, you can use a lipstick that contains moisturizers; This will prevent drying out of this area.

We recommend using soft and clear makeup during the daytime that does not require you to spend long periods of time in front of the mirror or constantly touch up; This type of makeup also gives a youthful and healthy appearance.

We will provide more information about beauty tips so of course, follow Beauty tips for makeup in this article. 

Process for a Good Makeup (Tips)

Let's start with something very easy, colors and stripes:


Beauty tips for makeup

  • The light color: Widens - Highlights
  • The dark color: Narrow - Slim down. Narrow - Shorten.
  • The vertical stripes: They slim and lengthen.
  • The horizontal stripes: Shorten and Widen.
  • There are warm colors and cool colors.


The warm ones belong to the range of gold, earth colors, ocher, brown, terracotta, yellow,s, and oranges. They can be used by the brown, brunette, or golden women.


Cold colors. They belong to the range of silver, gray, blue, purple, lilac, pink, fuchsia, and red wine. It can be worn by light-colored, white and pinkish-white women.


Both for dressing and as in these makeup tips, it is necessary to know what type of body, face, and complexion we have. The color of your skin tone, your eyes, and your hair determine your type. The golden, brunette, and brunette type women belong to the warm colors, golden orange.

The white woman, white pinkish-white with very dark hair, those with rosy cheeks belong to the cold colors, silver range.


While makeup is a valuable tool to make you look fresh and radiant every day, it won't do much good if after a few hours your cheeks are colorless, a shadow has accumulated in the crease of your eyelids and your lipstick has run.


As surely you do not have much time to touch up your makeup every moment, we remind you of some basic steps and tricks that will make it last longer:


Skin preparation

Before starting the makeup process, you must remove all traces of cleansing cream and tone the skin to close the pores.


If you have oily skin, don't worry: although this complexion does not allow long-lasting makeup, you can resort to special moisturizers or nourishing creams, which will not only remove shine but also make makeup last longer.


The pre-base


Previously, the most important step of makeup tips was the base, which gave uniformity to the skin, covering imperfections; now beauty houses have launched colored powders or bases that work as a primer, which correct and hide defects such as the dull complexion and other irregularities in the skin.


They come in four main hues: mauve, blue, green, coral, and yellow.

Mauve colors can be used if your skin is fair and you need to highlight some key points or cover the yellowish tones of the skin.


The blue tones are especially for women with brown hair and fair skin and help reduce the broken capillaries that can be seen through the epidermis.


Green powders and bases help soften the color of reddish skin, giving it greater uniformity and consistency.


Coral or salmon tones are ideal for dark-skinned people who lack uniformity in the dermis: Their texture gives them a healthy appearance.


If you have a skin that is too dry, you can substitute colored powders for liquid primers, which are applied before makeup and thanks to their light consistency, they easily blend and help set cosmetics.



Foundation is an essential element to even out the skin and even out the tone of the face.


Before use, apply a light coat of neutralizer to set the tone for your skin. This product is not offered by all beauty houses and may be presented under other names, such as "toner" for before foundation; however, do not purchase it without first trying it in the store.

Remove all makeup and cover face with foundation, lightly applying color that you think suits you best; then spread it out and examine the color of your skin in daylight: it should look completely smooth and look naturally fresh, even, healthy and shiny.

If your skin is reddish, choose a neutral or beige foundation without any pink or coral undertones.

We will provide more information about beauty tips so of course, follow Beauty tips for makeup in this article. 

If it is yellowish, choose a slightly pink color; and if it is yellow-green, the coral the range will give more life to its natural tone.


The base tone

Apply a few drops to the neck area as a test, keeping in mind that if your skin is pale you should choose a light tone and if it is dark a dark color.


Choose the tonality of your base taking into account the color of your complexion, if it is dark brown or white pink; Pale colors or cool colors


If you cannot find a foundation that matches the hue of your face, choose one slightly darker than your own skin, never lighter. Unless her face is elongated.


Clear Bases

When you need to light up your face, highlight your positives, and hide negatives and the first signs of aging, go for a clear foundation and apply it under your eyes, in the area where bags or first wrinkles tend to appear. Take special care not to apply in the area near the lower eyelashes as in contact with light your face will look inflamed.


Beauty tips for makeup

You can also apply clear primer to the area between the side of the bridge of the nose and the inner corner of the eye.

If your desire is to achieve high cheekbones, you must first analyze the shape of the cheekbones: see if they protrude from the outer corner of the eye and outside the hairline, which is at the base of the temples. To do this, draw an imaginary vertical line of dots from the outer corner of the eye up and down.


If you pretend your face is flat, this line will help you not only bring light to your cheekbones but also color and enhance your features.


Using this imaginary line as a guide, you can apply your light foundation in a triangle shape over the cheekbones from a distance of 1 cm from the inner corner of the eye outwards and then fill in gently.


To finish and bring light and vibrancy to your face, apply a little primer to the area where the eyebrows end and the hairline begins.


Dark Bases

Dark bases serve primarily to hide the bumps that detract from the beauty of your face.


These foundations are applied under the cheekbones, from the center of each cheek towards the hairline

Base Consistency

The consistency or texture of your base must also be in accordance with your skin type: thus, if your skin is normal or dry; you can use a foundation that contains emollient products; if it is fat, decide on one made of water; In case you have mixed type complexion, you should experiment and determine which is the best based on the distribution of the oily areas of your skin.


When it comes to finishing your face, go for a thin base if you have a fair complexion without blemishes or blemishes. To cover imperfections, try a thicker one to give uniformity to both the surface and the color.


Try not to use bases of heavy consistency, as they will increase years instead of rejuvenating it and will detract from its purpose of neutralizing, unifying and preserving the nuance of your skin.


The base for normal skin

The ideal foundation for normal skin is one that contains emollient ingredients. Young women with normal skin can also afford to apply water, oil, or gels.


Foundation for dry skin

The bases rich in emollients prevent the loss of moisture and freshness characteristic of dry skin.


Foundation for oily or mixed skin

For this type of skin, we recommend first of all using a liquid moisturizing base that controls excess oil; those with a matte tone, for example, contain a kind of talc that neutralizes the oil in the skin, as well as a large amount of water and a texture that helps cover the imperfections of the face.


Face classes and Makeup Tips

The oval face is the perfect face. The perfect face; Measurements are taken from the hairline to below the eyebrow, and from the eyebrow taking the measurement from the side of the nose to below it and from there to below the chin, they must be the same measurement.


Everyone in your house is going to make an oval on your face with a brush or imaginary. What is left of the oval, they will hide it with dark color and what is missing in the oval they will highlight with a light color (visage).


Beauty tips for makeup

In the square face, the face is oval with a brush and a dark color is applied to the part of the jaw that protrudes, which we must do with a wide brush.

A darker shade base is used to narrow the shape of the face.


The neck on this face is usually wide, the thick and dark vertical lines should be applied to the sides to narrow it.

The round face is oval by applying two vertical lines to the dark-colored sides.

The foundation is used darker to slim the face.


Elongated or triangular face; on the forehead two vertical lines of dark tone to narrow.

The foundation should be lighter than your skin tone.


This face usually has a long neck, it should be applied to the sides of it, light color to widen it.

We will provide more information about beauty tips so of course, follow Beauty tips for makeup in this article. 


The blush or blush

It is used to accentuate the area where it is applied, giving it an appearance of softness and shine, and outlining the curves of the face. To give your face more natural vitality, you can use any shade that belongs to the range of reds or browns.


The best way to apply blush is to use the imaginary line we referred to earlier, which runs perpendicularly from the outer corner of the eye down; cream blush should be applied in the free space between the light and dark bases, like this: put a small amount on your finger and draw three circles on the top of the cheekbones; then carefully mix the color, so that there are no liens on it.


If you consider it necessary to slim the jaw or reduce the double chin, spread the dark blush along with the first one and down the neck along the second.


To shorten a very wide forehead spread the darkest blush from the center of the hairline down and to both sides in a V in the center of the forehead.

Nose and blush

The nose is not always the best part of the face; If you want to give it a less prominent look, bring the blush down on both sides of the blush and apply a light foundation between the two lines.


To shorten it spread some dark-colored blush over the tip and blend carefully. One of the most common mistakes is using excess blush, which gives the impression of having two red apples on the cheeks.


To avoid this, use powder or cream blushes and blend them with a brush so that lines do not form that unnecessarily demarcates your face.


If you are looking to highlight the upper part of your face through blush; We recommend that you draw a kind of horizontal V over the tip of the nose and spread it well within the hairline, so that there are no dividing lines.

After applying the blush, it is good to gently tap with the fingertips to distribute it better and achieve a greater appearance of naturalness.


Powder blush is generally applied after translucent the powder is applied, while cream blush should always be used before powders, spreading with the help of a sponge or with your fingertips.


To give an impression of youth and vitality, we advise you to use pink blush, as this tone illuminates the face with a natural glow.


Oval face - Makeup Tips

The best way to apply blush to these faces is tostart at the top of the cheekbone and work your way down to just above where the cheek sinks.


It is then extended forward to take a slight angle just below the outer edge of the iris of the eye, which serves as a reference point to determine how far the blush should extend on the cheek.


Use a more vibrant shade on the cheekbone and also on the forehead, nose, and chin, if you want to highlight the cheekbones; do not use darker blush to contour.


Round face - Makeup Tips

To contour and refine your face, apply a darker shade of powder blush under the cheekbone, vertically; then do it down to where the ear ends, taking care to spread it well so that the demarcation lines are not noticeable.


Square face - Makeup Tips

Stand-in front of the mirror, smile, and where you notice the most prominent parts of your face, apply a more vibrant color.

Triangular face - Makeup Tips

In this type of face, the use of bright color blush should be limited to the chin and the most prominent area on the cheeks.


For the forehead area you can use a darker shade, on the sides.

Trace a wide crescent with a thick bristle brush under the cheekbone and bring it to the top of the cheek. If your forehead is a little wide, apply dark shadow to the sides and work it up to the end of the eyebrows, taking care to soften the blush to avoid showing the dividing lines.


Makeup Tips and Tricks

New makeup tips

• Remember that dark and matte tones sink and minimize the area where they are applied, so they should only be used for this purpose or to contour the features. Light and bright colors, on the other hand, highlight these areas. As ideal makeup tips, it achieves a total balance between these two tones.


• The color of the foundation should be as close as possible to your skin. To avoid mistakes when buying it, do not try it on the back of your hand as it will not reflect the authentic tone; do it in the line of the jaw spreading it very well, because although it seems difficult to believe, there are skins with different colors in different areas.


Beauty tips for makeup

• If you want to look natural, apply foundation with a sponge.

• To prevent moisturizer from adding too much shine to your face, or to keep the foundation from smearing, press a tissue against your skin before applying makeup.


• In order to remove the shine from the skin, use powder, using a brush or a completely clean cotton ball.


• Makeup your eyes first; this way you can correct any errors without affecting the rest of the process.


• Do not combine powders with a foundation for any reason.


• The most advisable powders to show off a clean and fresh face are translucent, in a tone lighter than the color of the skin.


• After applying the mascara, use a tissue several times under the lashes and eyelids to remove excesses and avoid smudging.

Also, like makeup tips:

• Revitalize dull and lifeless skin with a good mask, keeping in mind that a mud mask is good for removing excess oil. Granulated scrubs help loosen dead skin cells. Citrus fruits refresh and tighten pores. And creamy ones moisturize dry skin.


• Redness of the skin can be alleviated with a water primer before the final foundation. For extreme cases of acne, apply a light coat of yellow primer if your complexion is medium olive, or a little green coat if your skin is very fair.


• Cover the base with translucent powder, applied with a sponge. For acne, she recommends a brush. Press powder onto the skin to reduce shine and dry makeup. To touch it up during the day you can use the same technique.

• Never apply makeup with your fingers; for this keep tassels or sponges that you should wash once a week with a mild cleanser.


• If your skin is oily, prefer powder shades and blushes, as cream products increase the oil level of your skin.


• If there is a breakout around the mouth, try to emphasize the makeup at eye level to draw attention to this area. If the breakout is light, use correction cream to cover it.


• Fill in and darken your brows with the help of a brown shadow. To brush them, use a brush with a firm, diagonal bristles.


• Before buying a brush, make sure its bristles are very soft.


• Be orderly with your makeup: Separating products for the day from those for the night can help you save time and determine what type of cosmetics to use at the right time.

Likewise, other makeup tips:

• When sealing makeup, spray a little water on the face with the help of a spray bottle after applying.


• To achieve a natural appearance it is necessary not to overdo the application of the base.


• When buying cosmetics always remember to keep your lips and nails within the same color range.


• Use shadow as a liner for a smooth look. This is achieved by moistening a dark shadow and carefully applying it to the edge of the lashes, with the help of a fine brush.

Mistakes when putting on makeup

Many women, in order not to go unnoticed, make mistakes when applying makeup; these are distorted effects of the message of freshness, youth, and freshness that they want to convey. Here we analyze a series of bad habits that ruin makeup:


Beauty tips for makeup

• Excessively lighten dark circles:

A makeup that is too light to hide dark circles results in a pair of whitish circles that make them stand out even more.

Exaggerate eyebrow makeup:

Well arched, groomed and painted eyebrows give an indisputable touch of elegance and femininity, but they harden the face and reflect bad taste when they look artificial.


• Apply the blush very low:

The belief that fairly rosy cheekbones denote health is in order. It is best to lightly color the cheeks, starting from the top of the bone to the temple, depending on the oval of the face; This gives naturalness and joviality to your face.


    How do you get better at applying makeup?

Present-day cosmetics from genuine associations can truly improve or possibly secure the skin. There are BB and CC foundations that consolidate incredible sunscreen and furthermore trimmings that immerse dry skin or control oil on skin that needs such an offer help. Protecting your skin from sun presentation is helpful whether through cosmetics or various things.


Since I began using IT by Jamie Kern foundations, I have had shy of what one pimple (little one at that) consistently. My skin has an even more even tone, less redness, and looks mind-boggling without beauty care products. Surely, even the early laugh lines and a few unique lines are less expressed than they were around 5 years earlier.


I live in Texas, so it's judicious to make sure about the delicate skin over the face and neck. I used to wear makeup to work, yet at the finishes of the week, I may wear just colored moisturizer or sunscreen. As of now in case I go out, I routinely apply the CC foundation since it contains actual sunscreen and lasts a more prominent number of hours than other sun security things.


In my profile photo, I am wearing an IT threatening to develop a foundation that was the essential thing I endeavored from the brand. It is s selfie required after a whole day at work somewhat to show a cousin how incredible the foundation looked at the completion of a day. I'm as of now no under fifty years of age in the photo, and I have worn excellent care items since generally age fifteen.


My skin indicates some trademark developing in that my pores are greater in a couple of districts than they were in my twenties, and I just had two unquestionable spots when I was more energetic. Regardless, improving specialists no doubt four-six days for every week since age fifteen have not harmed my skin. I have continually emptied makeup prior to going to expedite boardinghouse a nice sound skin plan.


How can I look beautiful without makeup?

Characteristic magnificence is an impression of your physical, mental, and passionate wellbeing. All in all, be aware of the manner in which you treat your body and what you permit inside, both genuinely and intellectually, to accomplish your most attractive face.


Roald Dahl reveals insight into one of the speediest and best approaches to look better. "On the off chance that you have great contemplations they will sparkle out of your face like sunbeams, and you will consistently look stunning," he says. Hence, for a superior face without cosmetics, center around certain musings, for example, appreciation, fervor, and love. It likewise assists with encircling yourself with individuals who are similarly invested and accomplish a greater amount of what lifts your spirits.


Beauty tips for makeup

For a gleaming composition, remain hydrated with a lot of new, unadulterated water for the duration of the day. Take a stab at beginning your day with some warm water with the juice crushed from a large portion of a lemon to launch your digestion and help eliminate composition dulling poisons.


Ensure your suppers are adjusted and, when all is said in done, comprise of about a palm-sized measure of lean protein, for example, eggs or turkey bosom, a top-notch complex sugar, for example, quinoa or yam, also vegetables, for example, broccoli and string beans. Start your suppers with a new plate of mixed greens produced using chemical-rich, crude greens, for example, romaine, kale, parsley, celery, and cucumber. Crude, new organic product is additionally an incredible method to upgrade your common magnificence. Since most natural product (besides banana and melon) is quick processing food, it is essential to abstain from eating organic product subsequent to having heavier nourishments, for example, chicken, to forestall stomach related problems that at last meddle with excellence. Plan to eat insignificantly prepared, entire, and natural nourishments whenever the situation allows.

 A brilliant face is likewise an impression of incredible gut wellbeing. Consolidate probiotics in your eating routine to improve your gut wellbeing and gleam the same. Latta offers an uncommon assortment of probiotic-rich nourishments, for example, Organic Kombucha (an aged tea) and natural Kefir.

 Exercise in addition causes you to accomplish your most attractive face. Attempt to start to perspire in any event three times each week doing a movement of your decision. There are numerous agreeable choices accessible to remain dynamic, for example, Zumba, climbing, running, and training camps. Consistently, plan to practice in any event multiple times with a fair standard that comprises of cardio practice for at any rate twenty minutes, for example, trekking, strength, and bodyweight preparing, for example, push-ups and jumps, just as extending.

 A satisfactory measure of rest, around 7 to 9 hours, is additionally key. It assists with building up a propensity for resting and awakening simultaneously every day.

 Preparing and keeping a clean, saturated face routine will keep you sound and excellent also.

To your wellbeing and common excellence!

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