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Pet nanny || The best baby sitters

Hello, guys Today we will discuss Pet nanny || Pet nanny flight Of course, read the full article.

Pet nanny || The best baby sitters

When a new baby comes home, worries multiply. What if something happens? What if it falls when I'm not looking? What if…? But if there is a dog in the house, these concerns are greatly reduced, since it is normal for the dog to adopt as its mission to take care of that new being so important in the house: the baby. Thanks to their loyalty and affection and their ability to create bonds with people and especially their maternal instinct with the most defenseless beings, dogs become the best nannies a person can have. They usually don't rise to the level of Nana, Peter Pan's babysitter-bitch, who ironed clothes, dressed the children, and drove them to school, but they will take care that nothing happens to the children in their care.

They teach by example

Dogs are used to teaching their puppies by example, doing it themselves first and letting their pups repeat it, over and over again until it comes out. Also, they learn by repetition, so naturally, they think it's the best way to teach.


Therefore, if dogs see that a baby is trying to learn something and it does not come out (especially it happens with motor activities, such as crawling or getting up), they will do it in front of the baby until he learns.


They believe in a healthy diet

A dog whose mission is to protect a baby knows that diet is very important and will not let him eat anything. Also, dogs have a certain sense of ownership and know how to distinguish baby food from other things, so if you see “your” baby eating something she shouldn't, she will take it away.

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Make anyone happy

Babies cry when they are hungry, sleepy, wet diapers, or want attention. It is their way of communicating that they need something. Dogs are very sensitive to noise because they have a hearing frequency much higher than that of a human, so they are able to detect when the baby is crying for attention and appear by his side to cheer him up and make noises to silence and entertain him.


They know when it's bedtime

Pet nanny || The best baby sitters

A well-behaved dog knows how to obey. Also, by instinct, dogs take care of their young and see that they are in their place at night. In the same way, when it is time to put a child to bed (especially from the age at which they learn to crawl or walk and are not still) and the child gets up, the dog will take care of it again the bed, lovingly but firmly.


They are very attentive

The adjective "man's best friend" doesn't just apply to dogs. One of the reasons that makes them worthy of this title is that they are very attentive and are always there to care for and protect their favorite humans. Therefore, the dog will monitor the sleep of a baby, taking care of him and protecting him to make sure that nothing bothers him and he will always be around in case he needs something.


They make bathing fun

Pet nanny || The best baby sitters

Some dogs like water. Others do not. But everyone will make sure that the baby has a good time being in the bathtub while they watch that he does not get out of it. Thus, the dogs will play with the baby and the water and the child will enjoy their hygiene time.


They love to go outside

Pet nanny || The best baby sitters

Dogs and children share many skills. One of them is a love of games and the outdoors, so going out for a walk with children and dogs is an excellent idea. The children will run around with their favorite pets and the dogs will watch that the child does not get hurt. In addition, thanks to their sense of orientation, they will ensure that the baby does not get lost.



Dogs love to socialize and play in the company, both with other dogs and with humans. Therefore, they will never be possessive of their toys and will share them with the children at home. In addition, they will never resist the child playing with their ears, stroking them, or trying to climb on them. Dogs are very patient and they know that children are delicate and will adapt their games to their abilities so that everyone can have a good time.


FAQ: What kind of pets do people have in Africa?

They don't have any. They have boys and girls. Pets are common in societies that have stopped having children, or who have much less than before. In Africa, they now start having some pets because it's a custom that rich Africans have copied from outside.


Of course, there are dogs and cats in Africa, and there are people who take care of them by giving them food. But what's not there is like here, an exaggerated pet culture that includes psychologists, dietitians, hairdressers, restaurants, etc. Luckily they haven't reached this level of schizophrenia yet.


Many African immigrants, newcomers to Europe, hallucinate with a couple of things here, which in Africa look little or nothing: the streets full of old people and with hardly any children and few young people, and at certain times of the day, those same streets, full of "couples", that is, humans, walking their dogs, or the other way around.


FAQ: Why do people find puppies more tender and adorable than babies?

Simply because they are trying to fill a void they have and the most coveting way is a pet that does not need education and nanny and does not respond and does not contradict and does not judge and does not ask etc....

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