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Fat burning injections || Most important information About burning injections

Hello, guys Today we will discuss fat burning injections and Are fat burning injections safe? Or we will try to provide more information on this article Of course, read the full article.

Fat burning injections || Most important information About burning injections

Fat burning injections (adipose tissue lipolysis)

With this type of therapy, you can achieve a reduction of the fat pillows that give facial and body contour! It is a gentle and effective method for the selective removal of small areas of fat or cellulite. Fat-dissolving by injection called a fat syringe, This treatment has been used, for many years, in the most problematic areas of the body, and is the gentlest way to remove fat pads and rolls without surgery, without anesthesia, without scars, and without recovery time.

Treatment procedure

Without surgery, the fat deposits melt! We always start with a detailed consultation and analysis of fat deposits. The areas of the skin to be treated are marked and prepared with a local anesthetic ointment. After complete disinfection, we inject the active ingredient several times into the hypodermic fatty tissue in small amounts at a distance of 1-2 cm using special ultra-fine needles. Treatment is outpatient, short, and almost painless, lasting 20 minutes.

You may experience slight tingling and burning. The injection stimulates the dilution of fat deposits. The decomposed fat is transported through the lymphatic system, then goes through different processes that occur in the body and thus the fused fat cells disappear forever, just like liposuction.

Fat burning injections || Most important information About burning injections

We attach great importance to the fact that the treatment is carried out in a pleasant and gentle way. In addition, we give the fabric enough time to work and shrink with the active ingredient. In our experience, we recommend repeating the treatment every 4-8 weeks. In general, 1-4 treatments (rarely more) are necessary to achieve a visible and lasting effect.

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PPC - the active ingredient in the fat syringe

PPC - it is a natural substance, a soy extract! PPC is an abbreviation for phosphatidylcholine. This active ingredient is contained in the fat syringe and is an extract (lecithin) from soybeans. It can be achieved naturally in the supporting structure of animal and plant cells. In humans, PPC is an important component in bile, which is responsible for the processing of fat in food. For decades, this substance has been used with great success in medicine, against fat deposits in the blood vessels and almost without any side effects.


Fat burning injections || Most important information About burning injections

It has been classified as harmless by the German Medicines Commission, and is now applied in cosmetic treatments.

History of fat dissolving injections

The active substance was discovered in 1959 in Odessa, Russia. Since then it has been used for the treatment of thrombus embolism and for the reduction of fat in the bloodstream. In 1988, cholesterol deposits on the eyelids (xanthelasma) were treated for the first time in Italy. In 1995, Dr. Patricia Rittes in Brazil used this substance in lacrimal sac therapies. In the years 2001/2002, Dr. Hasengschwandtner reexamined the substance and developed it extensively. In 2003 the company established the lipolysis network. Since then, work has been done on the continuous development of the treatment and on the education of the doctors who use it. NETWORK-Lipolysis is now a federation of more than 600 physicians around the world.

Treatment areas

Basically, a fat syringe is a convenient way to shape and contour small problem areas. For areas with larger fatty deposits and a skinfold thickness (fat thickness) of 5 cm, liposuction should be considered. This substance can also be used to remove benign fatty tumors (lipomas).

·         Face: Double chin, hanging folds

·         Chest: front of the armpit in women, fat deposits in the chest of men

·         Abdomen: fat deposits on the ribs, belly, and hips

·         Back: individualized fat deposits

·         Extremities: arms, upper inner thighs, knees

Fat Syringe Risks and Side Effects

The fat syringe is easy to use and has so far been used with great success in many patients. After the injection, redness, and swelling, as well as minor bruising, slight burning, itching, and pressure sensitivity may appear in the treated areas. These phenomena disappear after a few days. 

Fat burning injections || Most important information About burning injections

You can continue your normal activities on the day of treatment with the fat syringe and also work. However, you should schedule possible visible swelling and redness and cover with makeup or clothing. The Lipolysis Report in 2012 shows that after 43,000 treatments the complication rate was 0.017%.




·         Pregnancy/breastfeeding

·         Minors or children

·         Diabetics (glucose in the blood)

Excessive caution should be exercised for these diseases:


·         Autoimmune diseases (for example scleroderma)

·         Severe liver disease

·         Acute infections and chronic risk of infection

·         Severe obesity (Adipositas per magna IBM> 30)

·         Known hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients (for example, allergy to soy)

·         Severe kidney disease

·         Clotting disorders

·         Menstrual disorders

Special features of lipolysis therapy

The results are very individual. Some react very quickly to the active ingredient, others react with a considerable delay. As a result, many patients accumulate fatty tissue, others less. The unfolding of the effect is more pronounced between the third and sixth week after treatment.

In order to positively influence the results of therapy, here are some of our important tips:

·         Drink a lot of water

·         For 2 days after the injection, you should not do massages, sports, use of sauna or solarium

·         Increased movement with increased oxygen supply

·         sports

·         Manual lymphatic drainage or mild tissue massage after three days

·         Be careful the first time you expose yourself to the sun, it is advisable to use high sun protection!

Frequently asked questions:

·         Can I lose weight with the help of the fat syringe ?: The fat the syringe is not suitable for weight loss; It is used to reduce fat deposits, eg. on the double chin, cellulite, on the belly.

·         Which areas of the body are particularly suitable for lipolysis ?: Regions with mild body fat on the face, inner thigh, and hips are ideal.

·         How Long Do Results Last ?: Results can be described as permanent. However, if you gain a lot of weight, the contours in the treated areas may change again.

·         What is the special advantage of lipolysis therapy ?: It is advantageous for those areas that cannot be reduced by diets or sports, the fat syringe offers great results. You do not have to do anything before and any type of treatment afterward. Its functionality and your everyday life remain unrestricted. In treating the facial regions, you may have to cover the areas with clothing or makeup if the inflammation is very evident, to go to work.

·         How can I decide which method is right for me ?: The main difference is that the fat syringe is a non-surgical treatment method, without anesthesia, without cuts, without scars but only for small areas while liposuction is indicated when fat reserves are very large and the results are immediately visible. With the syringe, the fat is only apparent after 4-8 weeks. Lipolysis is also an ideal treatment method after liposuction for the removal of residual adipose tissue and for the tightening of the surrounding skin.

·         How many treatments are required ?: Usually 1-4 to 4-8 weeks apart.

·         Does the health insurance company cover the costs?: The fat the syringe is a cosmetic therapy that is generally not covered by health insurance, therefore the costs have to be covered by the patient himself.

·         What care should be taken after the therapy ?: Drink plenty of water and perform a lot of aerobic exercises (with a greater amount of oxygen) in order to increase metabolism and therefore reduce fat deposits. For the next 3 days after the treatment, refrain from massages or saunas. The treated areas must be protected with high sun protection creams for 4 weeks.

·         Who is not suitable for the treatment ?: It is not suitable and in no case should it be performed on minors or children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

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