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Fashion Hair Colors || Best hair style and color

 Hello, guys Today I will discuss Fashion Hair Colors and Best  hair style and color. Of course, read the full article.

Fashion Hair Colors || Best  hair style and color

Look change

These are the trends in hair colors, highlights and dyes that will sweep in 2020. Dark hair with highlights, mahogany, balayage highlights, 'smoky gold' ... We have compiled ALL the trends in hair colors 2020. Don't miss it!

Do you fancy a makeover? We understand you well. You can go for a trendy haircut that also rejuvenates you or be inspired by celebs and change color. Have you already seen the change of look that Kaia Gerber made to end the year? If now you also want to experiment with your hair color, we have very good news for you: with the 2020 hair colors that we have compiled in this gallery you will succeed more than ever. Ready for a big change?

Hair colors 2020: trend in dyes, highlights, hair highlights

  • If you've always wanted to go for blonde hair, this is the perfect time. Gold and platinum tones will be very fashionable. A natural look or the most daring? You choose. Of course, keep in mind that it is quite difficult to maintain the perfect blonde tone, so you will have to take care of your hair more.
  • The mahogany color will continue to be a strong trend in 2020. A good example is the hair tone worn by actress Ana Polvorosa.
  •  In 2020 you will want to bet on the highlights. Balayage, blonde highlights, babylight, smoky gold ... The important thing is that they add luminosity to your hair. It is a good option if you want to get a change of look but without risking too much.
  • The brondeque that took over our manes years ago has returned It will fit you SPECTACULAR!
  •   Dark natural hair will also remain a safe bet for next season.

 Dyed hair

Remember that if you bet on a color change, you have to take care of your hair much more than usual. But don't panic: take note of these sulfate-free shampoos perfect for colored hair and look great right away. Take care of your hair and don't miss out on the trends of the moment!

1 / 12 'Smoky gold'

The absolute trend in hair color is smoky gold that has revolutionized the world of celebrities. It is the perfect color that will also provide comfort mainly, since it hides the roots and is ideal for both blondes and brunettes. Get a natural tone.

2/12 'Sources'

Fashion Hair Colors || Best  hair style and color

Neither blonde, nor brunette ... The bronde hair color will once again take over our hair this 2020. Ariadne Artiles sports a 'pelazo' with ideal reflections.

3/12 Natural blonde

Fashion Hair Colors || Best  hair style and color

It's amazing how Sarah Jessica Parker's hair color actually never goes out of style. And it is not surprising, since it is a flattering and luminous tone. How to get it? With a mix of blonde highlights and soft colors.

4/12 Chocolate brown or chocolate brown

Fashion Hair Colors || Best  hair style and color

For brunettes, the trend in coloring is chocolate brown. If you want to give your dark hair a lighter color tone but without going overboard, do like Dakota Johnson and look 'pelazo' with a lot of life and luminosity.

5/12 'Melting' highlights

Fashion Hair Colors || Best  hair style and color

Melting wicks will become the highlights of the year 2020 par excellence. Whether you are blonde or brunette, it will bring light and naturalness to your hair. Naomi Watts is proof of this.

6/12 Hazelnut shades

Fashion Hair Colors || Best  hair style and color

A safe bet if you want to lighten your hair, but without overdoing it. Bet on this tone like Paula Echevarría's and it will give a touch of light to your hair and face. It will provide a more youthful appearance.

7/12 'Balayage' from the roots

Fashion Hair Colors || Best  hair style and color

We love balayage and more if they are rooted. This will make you look blonde hair with the most natural balayage trend. Look 'pelazo' and surprise with your highlights.

 8/12 'Chunky' highlights

The chunky highlights of the 90s are back stomping this 2020. It consists of thick wicks that will provide an explosion of color and luminosity for your face. 

9/12 'Woodlights'

Fashion Hair Colors || Best  hair style and color

Lighten your hair? If you want to go a step beyond the classic balayage, woodlights are the trendy highlights that will offer extreme light in a subtle way and without red and orange hues. The singer MiriamRodríguez, has made us fall in love with her blonde 'hair' lightened with the Illuminage technique.

10/12 'Balayage' highlights

Fashion Hair Colors || Best  hair style and color

Balayage highlights are a perfect option for brunette girls and Belen Cuesta knows it. They are very subtle and will add shine and reflections that your hair needs. Fill your hair with life.

11/12 Mahogany

Fashion Hair Colors || Best  hair style and color

Are you a redhead and want to darken your hair? The mahogany tone option is perfect to find the dark reddish tone you are looking for. Ana Polvorosa looks spectacular, and you dare with mahogany?

12/12 Blonde highlights

Fashion Hair Colors || Best  hair style and color

Blonde highlights are the best option if what you are looking for is to show off a 'pelazo' with blonde highlights and luminosity. Jennifer Aniston knows that this is a hair color that never goes out of style. I bet on it!

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