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Stretches for runners knee || 8 Stretches for your knees

knees are part of the parcel of our human body. We will provide the most important information stretches for runners' knee. So of course follow this article stretches for runners knee.

Stretches for runners knee

The importance of stretching the iliotibial band (Runner's knee)

Today we are talking about an injury known to some of you, the runner's iliotibial band or knee, continuing with our particular "marathon" of injuries that as runners can affect us and trying to give more clues about this enemy.

The iliotibial band or band is the tendinous extension of the tensor fascia lata muscle. This originates from the pelvis and runs along the lateral part of the thigh until it crosses the lateral aspect of the knee. Thus, since the iliotibial band syndrome is tendinopathy in the insertion of this muscle in the lateral aspect of the knee
Pain is caused by friction of the tendon with a protrusion (external epicondyle) of the femur. Pain generally occurs with physical activity when knee flexion maintains a slight range of motion (30-40%) so it will be increased at slow rates and long distances. Running in areas with descending or stepped slope will be another factor for which we could be affected by this pathology.

The form of pain onset is quite characteristic, as it allows you to start the race, but as the running time increases, it intensifies, until it becomes unbearable and even makes you stop running (the horror!).
And at this point, we have to give you bad news, you have to stop rolling and eliminate all those activities in which there is a continuous flexion-extension of the knee (the bike is not worth it either) so that the pain subsides. Yes, I know I am asking you for an impossible, but if you do not stop running, the pain will not disappear and will become increasingly unbearable. You should also let the anti-inflammatory treatment (you already know ice and pomadita) do its work in the acute phases. This must be carried out for at least 2 weeks to feel much better. If anybody follows this content he will learn more about stretches for runners' knee.

For all those who are having a hard time getting rid of our friend, the iliotibial band syndrome, we want to tell you that stretching is going to play a very an important role in your recovery, since they are one of the few things that relieve the pain of a momentary way. In addition, a good stretching protocol before and after the race will help you to increase the distance to run after the rest days.

The stretches you can do are: stretches for runners knee

1 - With the legs crossed, trunk flexion is made (the leg that stretches the most is the one behind)
Stretches for runners knee

2 - With our legs crossed and upright, we carry the arm of the leg behind us up.
Stretches for runners knee

3 - Leaning against the wall, we bring the leg to stretch behind the supported one, loading our weight on it. This third stretch is the one that strengthens the waistband, so we recommend doing them consecutively, keeping each movement for about 10 seconds, without bouncing. It would be wise to do this series of stretches about twice before running and 3 times after running in.
Stretches for runners knee

If once all this is done the pain does not subside, we must attend to other factors that can trigger the pathology, such as the type of terrain, the time and mode of training, or the type of shoe. If after analyzing all this and having tried different types of training, grass, dirt, asphalt, your type of training (more or less long, flat, on slopes), having gone to the physiotherapist to assess the knee ailment, tried the change of shoes the pain does not disappear, the time comes for the Podiatrist (Pattern of the Athletes) since there may be some biomechanical the factor that alters our footprint (excessive pronation, different length of our legs ...) and prevents the disappearance of pain.

Once we run again, it is advisable to roll quickly, short stretches and terrain without descents, whereas we test ourselves we will increase all aspects of training (km, speed, and slope). Well, friends of the Stockbroker, I hope that after explaining this malignant injury you have things a little clearer on how to compete against it and win the race.

One the other information


A great way to prevent knee injury is to stretch. There are other changes such as improving posture when running, strengthening your body as a whole or choosing the right sneakers, but a good stretching routine can help a lot.

And it is that at the end of a workout, you should not focus your stretching session on one part (such as the ankles), but work together, and with these options that we present to you, you will put your knees, hips, glutes and quadriceps in motion.
Stretches for runners knee

This the routine will help you eliminate fatigue after an intense workout. You will feel your legs like new, and want to keep running. In addition, you will be totally away from injuries if you do them daily.
Hold the position of each of the first four exercises for 15 to 20 seconds, then perform the same movement on the other side. If anyone has benefited from stretches for runners knee article, please share.

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