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5k near me 2020 (running workout)

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Running an hour: tips and training chart (5k near me-running workout)

Running is a sports activity where the most important thing is often not physical performance, but mental capacity. All the people who dare to start running ( 5k near me-running workout )
 go, over time, exceeding objectives, and there are goals or objectives that are always set as an example.
5k near me (running workout)

One of them is being able to run for 30 minutes straight. For beginning runners, this can come with a few weeks of training. With approximately two months or two and a half months, as long as sufficient constancy is maintained, the body adapts to the suffering of running for 30 minutes without interruption.

Once this objective is reached, the next one that many runners set is to endure an hour running without stopping. Although it seems an ambitious goal if you continue training as before but increasing the hardness of training, achieving it is possible.
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Why is it important to run for an hour straight? &

(5k events near me)

Regardless of the pace of the race, it does not matter if you run at 4 minutes per kilometer or 6 minutes per kilometer, running for an the hour is an important advance because this allows you to face popular races.

Most popular races have a length of 10 kilometers, and running for an uninterrupted hour allows us to finish these tests with guarantees.
5k near me (running workout)

We all know that in these tests, the pace of the race is usually higher than in training, so there should be no problems to finish these races provided that the body is not required excessively high speed.

The benefits of prolonging aerobic training are well known: improving the circulatory system, increasing oxygen transport, the heart getting bigger and being able to pump more blood and faster with each 

contraction, the lungs become more efficient, fat-burning is accelerated ... etc. Not surprisingly, as your fitness improves performance becomes more effective.

In addition, being able to hold an hour running and not end up sunk is also a good sign, because this allows you to increase the load of training and introduce other training habits, such as changes in pace or series. Many people follow 5k near me 2020 article and get an advance idea about 5k events near me and 5k run-walk near me. and detailed information in running.

Tips for running for an hour straight (5k 10k near me)

There are two main tips to follow in any phase of training. The first is to be constant in the activity, that is, not to stop running. (5k near me-running workout)
When you start training, the goal is always far away, but with weeks of effort and dedication, the goals are reached.
5k near me (running workout)

The second recommendation is not to make efforts that are above the limit of the organism. As results are achieved, it is common to feel confident and want to expose the body to harder efforts. If this is done without proper mind control, the result can be injuries and frustrations.

The harder the workout, the more you have to keep an eye on the warm-up, post-stretching, and recovery periods.

A fourth fundamental tip to achieve this goal is to go out to train well hydrated. The most advisable thing is to drink water. It is also important to eat something before going for a run, a snack, or a low-fat meal that provides enough carbohydrates, and also after exercise.

And of course, the last recommendation, whether it is to run for 30 minutes, an hour or harder efforts, is to be well equipped. Good running shoes are essential, to which you can add breathable, light, and comfortable clothing. If anyone read the 5k near me 2020 full article he will know details about 5k 10k near me and 5k run-walk near me.

One hour running workout routine (5k near me)

With 9 weeks of training you can reach the goal, as long as the starting point is being able to run 30 minutes at a medium pace and without suffering much wear and tear.

Week 1

  •   Monday: 20 ′ running, 1 ′ walking, 10 ′ running
  •   Wednesday: 20 ′ running, 1 ′ walking, 10 ′ running
  •   Saturday: 30 ′ running

Week 2

  • Monday: 30 ′ running
  • Wednesday: 30 ′ running, 1 ′ walking, 5 ′ running
  •  Saturday: 35 ′ running

Week 3
5k near me (running workout)

  • Monday: 10 ′ running at a slow pace, 5 ′ running at a medium pace, 5 ′ running at a slow pace, 5 ′ running at a medium pace, 10 ′ running at a slow pace.

This makes a total of 35 minutes running. The difference between average pace and the slow pace will depend on each runner, but if the maximum running speed is 5 minutes per kilometer, an average pace should not exceed 6 minutes per a kilometer and the slow pace should not exceed 6 '30 ″ / km

  • Wednesday: 30 ′ running
  • Saturday: 35 ′ running

 Week 4

  • Monday: 40 ′ running, the important thing is to finish, so you can slow down.
  • Wednesday: 30 ′ running
  • Saturday: 45 ′ running, the dynamics are the same as in the previous days

 Week 5

  • Monday: 50 ′ running
  • Wednesday: 35 ′ running with rhythm changes: 5 ′ medium pace, 5 ′ smooth pace
  • ·Saturday: 50 ′ runnings interspersing 10 ′ minutes at a medium pace.

Week 6

  • Monday: 30 ′ running at a slow pace, 1 ′ walking to recovery, 10 ′ running at a medium pace, 2 ′ walking to recover, 5 ′ at a happier pace, without forcing the body to the limit.
  • Wednesday: 45 ′ running
  • Saturday: 10 ′ running at a slow pace, 20 ′ running at a medium pace, 5 ′ running at a slow pace, 5 ′ running at a medium pace, 5 ′ running at a slow pace. Total 45 ′.
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