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Rights And Obligations Of The Spouses

Rights And Obligations Of The Spouses

Spouses have the same rights. Within the marriage, they must act with mutual trust and mutual agreement for the good of the family.

Both spouses have the right to decide for themselves if they want to work or participate in social or other activities outside the family.

The obligation to provide food between spouses

Both spouses have the obligation to collaborate, according to their abilities, in the maintenance of the common economic life of the family, as well as to provide food to the spouse. If one of the spouses does not work, the spouse who owns the most means must cover, for example,

the costs of acquiring food and clothing.

Children in marriage

If a married woman has a child, her spouse is automatically enrolled as a father in the population register. Parental authority is assigned to both parents.

Spouses can adopt a child together. Adoptions are regulated by the Adoption Law. The municipal social affairs office can provide more information to those interested in adopting.
The assets that are owned by one of the spouses at the time of the marriage, or that said spouse acquires during the marriage, will be their property. Spouses can also acquire assets in common. A spouse has conjugal rights over the assets of the other spouse. If the marriage is dissolved by divorce, all common property is divided equally between the spouses. If the marriage ends with the death of one of the spouses, the common property is shared between the heirs of the deceased and the surviving spouse. Marital rights cannot be revoked by probate. If the spouses had signed a marriage contract, the property is distributed according to it, in case of divorce or death of one of the spouses.

 Each spouse responds individually to the debts he or she has contracted before or during the marriage. When one of the spouses has contracted debts in order to contribute to the support of the family - for example, to cover food expenses - both spouses will be responsible for them. However, the spouses may contract debts jointly if they wish, in which case they will jointly respond to the compensation of the debt incurred.

The common housing
 It is not allowed for one of the spouses to sell the common housing or movable property linked to it - for example, the furniture - without the permission of the other spouse.

Marital problems?
 When you have a couple's problems, you can go, for example, to the family orientation center of the municipality of residence or to a health center.

The Violence section of the same portal offers information on what to do if your partner is violent with you or threatens you.
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