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How To Make Scrambled Eggs Without Milk: 9 Steps

How To Make Scrambled Eggs Without Milk: 9 Steps

Not everyone has the ability to digest milk lactose and some people simply find it rare to add milk to scrambled eggs. If you want to prepare tasty scrambled eggs without using milk, they can work out anyway. You can consider adding some vegetables to this recipe and you will enjoy a substantial and delicious meal in a heartbeat.

  •  1 to 2 large eggs
  •   Any additional ingredients you want (vegetables, cheese, etc.)
  •   spices or herbs (paprika, thyme, etc.)

1.Find a bowl and utensil to mix. For this, you will need a bowl that is large enough to fit the eggs and you will also need something to beat the egg mixture, for which you will serve a whisk or a fork.

2. Break the egg (s) in the bowl. Break them carefully by hitting them against the edge of the bowl or against the countertop in case the bowl is not very heavy. (However, you should be careful not to stain everything with egg). Separate the peel and be careful that no piece of it falls into the bowl.

  • In case it falls a little from the shell in the bowl, you can remove it with a spatula or a spoon.

3. Beat the egg yolks. With the fork or whisk, stir the eggs being careful to completely mix the whites with the yolks. However, you should not stir the mixture too vigorously so that the egg does not fly out of the bowl.

4. Add the herbs or spices you want. In case you want to add herbs or spices, you must do so at this time. Be careful that the pieces are the size of a flake and, if so, sprinkle them over the egg mixture. Then, stir the mixture again to incorporate the herbs well.

  • In case the pieces are not the size of flakes, it is best to wait and add them when cooking the eggs.

5.Heat a pan over medium heat. So that the eggs do not stick, grease the pan with butter, although you must use a minimum amount so that the eggs do not drown in it. The pan will be ready to cook the eggs when it sizzles slightly.

  • Do not grease the pan with oil, as this changes the taste of the egg. In case you are worried about your fat intake, you can opt for a substitute for butter that is low in fat, such as margarine.

6.Pour the egg mixture into the pan. You should not worry as to whether it covers the entire pan but only worry about adding the eggs.

7.Incorporate the other ingredients. Once you've poured the eggs into the pan, you can add the other ingredients, such as large herbs, vegetables, cheese or anything else you want. Be sure not to overcook these ingredients while eggs are cooking.

8.Stir the eggs more with a spatula. Use a spatula to move the eggs throughout the pan and make sure they cook well. If you wish, you could separate some of the pieces with the spatula and thus facilitate the cooking process, since the egg will be in smaller pieces. When you finish cooking one side of the eggs, turn them over and make sure that the other side is cooked too.

  • What constitutes "well-cooked" scrambled eggs may vary since some people prefer slightly liquid scrambled eggs and others want them to be cooked completely. In any case, be careful that the eggs are not liquid since there is a difference between "slightly liquid" eggs and half-raw eggs, and the latter could transmit diseases.

9.Remove the eggs from the pan. When you are certain that the eggs are well cooked, remove them from the pan with the spatula and place them on a plate. In case you are going to include other ingredients, you can add more of them on the eggs and also decorate them with herbs if you prefer or add vegetables as an accompaniment. Serve on your own or along with other things, such as bacon, toast or bagels.


  • The fact that your scrambled eggs do not contain milk does not mean that they cannot contain other things, so you can experiment and prepare varieties of scrambled eggs to determine what you like best.
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