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How Long Does It Take To Detox Your Body?

How Long Does It Take To Detox Your Body?

Know the factors that influence and the time it takes for the body to detoxify the most common drugs.

Drug use has an impact on the body, and after days after having used blood, urine or hair tests continue to appear positive.

The effects of drugs in the body and in the brain are not only maintained during the actual poisoning but also subsequently maintained.

However, the effect that drug use generates in the body and the time it takes to detoxify will depend on several factors, among which the type of consumption (frequency and intensity) stand out.

What is drug detoxification?

Detoxification is a limited period of time referring to what it takes for the body to eliminate the substance. During this stage, the person may have symptoms related to withdrawal (when the person stops using abruptly). Depending on the frequency and intensity of consumption, the symptoms that the person will present will be more or less intense.

To assess how long it takes for the body to detoxify drugs, it is important to consider the type of consumption:
  • Occasional: people who consume on time.
  • Regular: there is frequent consumption, with a certain pattern (several days, weekends, etc.)
  • Addiction: there is a pattern of habitual consumption, however, it is important to note that addiction is a disease and that the patient who presents an addiction uses the substance as a means to change their mood, regardless of the frequency or intensity of consumption.

In any case, when a substance with the power to generate a dependency is consumed with some assiduity, stopping consumption results in certain symptoms, due to the chemical habit. However, the frequency and quantity consumed will be variables that will influence the detoxification process of a consuming person.

What variables are important in the drug detoxification process?

Following the above, in addition to the amount or frequency of consumption, it is important to take into account certain variables related to the person, since this will also influence how long it takes the body to detoxify drugs. Next, the variables that are related to this issue will be presented:

• The type of food is an important variable since if you have unstructured eating habits, in the absence of a healthy and balanced diet will negatively influence the elimination of the drug from the body, taking longer to do so.

• Maintaining an exercise routine or playing sports is a habit that favors the best elimination of a drug from the body. Performing exercise speeds up the metabolism, in addition to eliminating toxins through sweat, so it helps to eliminate the drug more quickly from the body.

• The metabolism of the individual is a factor that favors or hinders the elimination of the drug from the body; and this depends on the type of metabolism the person has (faster metabolism, favors the elimination of the substance).

• The person's weight is also related to how long it takes the body to detoxify drugs. People with more weight have more fatty tissues, where drugs tend to stay, which would slow down the process.

• The person's sleep habit is also related to the elimination of drugs from the body. A good sleep routine will facilitate the elimination of the drug from the body.

In addition to all these variables, the drug consumed by the person also influences the time it takes to be eliminated. Each drug, due to its composition and particular characteristics, takes more or less to be expelled from the body.

How long does it take for the body to detoxify drugs?

Thus, another determining factor when detecting drug residues in the body is the type of analytics that is carried out. In the urine, expired air, saliva and blood will disappear rather than in the hair.

Depending on the type of analytics used, the drug will appear for more or less time, that is, it will test positive for longer.

Generally, urine analytics is the most used to detect drug use, since it is a simple test to perform and the substance appears in it for a time that allows its detection.

Next, the time it takes for some drugs to be eliminated will be exposed, appearing positive in a urine test:

• Cocaine: Cocaine appears positive in a urine test between 4 and 7 days. This variability is given based on all the exposed variables.

• THC: it takes the body to remove THC from the body between 3 and 45 days. It is a substance that takes longer to be removed because it is lodged in the body's fatty tissues.

• Alcohol: Alcohol is eliminated from the body after a few hours after having consumed, although it is also important to take into account the amount consumed and the intensity of consumption.

• MDMA: this drug takes to be eliminated from the body between 3 and 4 days.

• Benzodiazepines: remains of benzodiazepine consumption remain between 7 and 42 days after being consumed, this being the approximate time it takes for the body to detoxify this substance.

This period of time is approximate since it depends on the factors that have been assessed throughout this article. However, it is important to keep in mind that detoxification is the part of the treatment related to the elimination of the substance from the body, on a physical level. However, although the substance disappears from the body, the desire to consume is likely to appear. Therefore, for the consumer to stop consumption, a specialized treatment is definitely required.

Why do we recommend doing the drug detoxification treatment at Centro Acción?

Centro Acción has a team of professionals specialized in the treatment of drug addiction and detoxification, made up of psychologists, therapists, and specialized psychiatrists, we perform analytics to verify the abstinence of our patients. If necessary, under evaluation of our professionals, our Center has an income environment for complicated detoxification.

Our treatment includes cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, mindfulness, equine therapy therapies, among others. Providing a holistic vision that is so necessary for the recovery of addiction.

We invite you to share this article so that other people know the time it takes for the body to detoxify the most common drugs, and be aware that they continue to act in the body even when there are no obvious symptoms.
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