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Work Life Balance Meme

Hello, guys Today we will discuss Work-Life Balance Meme we will try to provide the most important information Of course, read the full article.
Work Life Balance Meme

The work environment becomes increasingly competitive and demanding. Companies have increased their focus on the quality of their products and services, also increasing the expectations and responsibilities of their employees. As a result, it is now nothing strange to see people who work too much and for whom their personal life is based only on work.

In this innovative TED talk, the expert on the issue of a balance between work and personal life, Nigel Marsh, tells us how he managed to achieve this balance and reveals tactics that other workers can apply...

For Marsh, the problem of the life-work balance is of a cultural nature and he says it in the following way: “The reality of the society in which we are is that there are thousands and thousands of people out there shouting in despair in their lives working hard and endless hours in jobs they hate so they can buy things they don't need and impress people they don't want. ”

It is wrong to think that the balance is inflexible schedules or informal attire. These are practices that a company implements to have a good working environment within the corporation and does not imply that it encourages people to have a healthy life. In this article, we show you 3 steps that Marsh suggests to achieve a balance between your life and your work:

1. Take control of your own well-being (Work-Life Balance Meme)

Nigel Marsh tells us that “we have to stop looking at the other way; it is up to us as individuals to take control and responsibility for the type of life we want to lead. ” We all have different notions of what is right and wrong in our lives and if we are not clear who we want to be, your company will be the one to tell you.

You must discover your own definition of balance and know what is important to you as an individual and how to adapt it to your personal and workday. A very common mistake that people have is to think that retirement will be the freedom ticket of a life of labor slavery and it is not like that, it is essential to look for the balance in the present since in the future your forces and energy will be very different from the one you have today.

2. Create a list of activities for your ideal day

In order to begin to have that harmony between your work life and your professional life, it is necessary to create comparison parameters. Create a list of your ideal day and include detailed activities such as walking, work and rest times, social and family physical activities, etc. Your list should answer the question What does my life need so that in 24 hours I can be satisfied with myself?

You must be very aware of three things for this list to be useful:

  • The fact that you have the list does not mean that it should be followed to the letter. This list of activities is made to refer to your normal day and to know what is needed.

  •  It is very unlikely that all the things you list will happen in one day but you should do your best to include as much as you can in your routine.

  •  You should be very aware of the things you write since the activities should be consistent with your position and your reach.

3. Look for a logical balance

As individuals we are multifaceted and we have several areas of our lives that need to have a balance. While creating your concept of harmony, take into account the following areas:
  • Intellectual.- Learning new things is important for your personal development, give some time to reading or take classes that are useful to you.

  •  Emotional .- Having sentimental stability is crucial to reach harmony. Do not neglect relations with your family, friends, or partner. Take your time to share with people close to you.

  • Physiological.- If your job requires spending a lot of time sitting, try to find some activity that allows you to keep your body healthy. In the case of physical force work, it is best to take the necessary rest time.

Changes in your routine should not necessarily be dramatic. It is the small details that will mark your way of life and your health as an individual.

Getting to the balance between daily life and work is a difficult process to achieve and you have to understand that it will take time and sacrifices. At the end of the day, this is about living the life that you want to live.

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