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Top Travel Destinations 2020

If you have vacations in the coming months and would like to know some memorable destination, you will most likely ask your family or friends what is your favorite city or where you eat well.
Lonely Planet, the publisher of one of the most recognized travel guides, has done just that, but on a large scale.

"We ask everyone, from our writers and editors to influential people on social networks, and in the midst of the fierce debate, our panel of travel experts has drawn up the list of 10 countries, 10 regions, 10 cities, and 10 top-rated destinations "

This year's list includes everything from lovely Bhutan monasteries to coastal walks and seafood huts in Maine, in the United States.

Bhutan in first place

Top Travel Destinations 2020

That is precisely why the small kingdom of the Himalayas occupies first place in the ranking of countries.

It is already the only carbon-negative country in the world, and the kingdom will become the first completely organic nation by 2020.

It is located in the Himalayas, between India and China.

It's strict "high value and low impact" tourism policy obliges travelers to pay a high daily rate just to set foot on its hills crowned with pine-scented monasteries.

"The reward for visitors is an opportunity to walk along mountain paths without garbage, in the company of people whose Buddhist beliefs put them in tune with their surroundings."

Its capital, Timber, is a refreshing delight for those tired of traffic and pollution in big cities.

Tourists will find fresh air, lush green mountains and snowy peaks in the distance.

Because of its immaculate natural beauty and spectacular scenery, Bhutan is a dream tourist destination.

Lonely Planet places England and North Macedonia in third and fourth places in a row on the island of Aruba and the small African kingdom of Swaziland.

Costa Rica
Top Travel Destinations 2020

The Costa Rican authorities have invested for years in developing sustainable tourism by minimizing the impact of numerous tourists on the environment and the local population.

The words "Pura Vida", the country's motto, are more than a saying.

And although it has just under five million inhabitants, that has not prevented the country from being at the forefront of innovation in Latin America.

90% of its energy is created through renewable sources and could become one of the first carbon-neutral countries in 2020.

The vast biodiversity of this small country attracts visitors eager to get lost in its spectacular nature or its beaches.

Costa Ricans understand the importance of preserving their portion of tropical paradise and have found a way to invite others to share it in harmony with nature.

It is a country, says the publisher, in which adventure lovers can walk volcanoes or jump in zip lines, while those who want to stop time can enjoy yoga retreats and spa experiences.

Top Travel Destinations 2020

Another small country that attracts Lonely Planet recommendations this year.

The kilometer beaches of Uruguay on the edge of the Atlantic are legendary, but the guide highlights the destination for many other reasons.

To begin its flourishing wine industry, its hot springs and its infinite meadows "where the greatness of South America feels seductively tangible."

"Uruguay has something for everyone," says the publication.

It refers to the social agenda carried out in recent years, which goes from the legalization of marijuana to the open acceptance of LGBTQ + rights or the promotion of sustainable tourism.

"But what visitors remember most are the calm, welcoming and simple people of Uruguay."

Also the subtle but deep beauty of the landscape of the country, "from the long and untamed Atlantic coast to the unlimited open spaces of the pampas," 
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