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How To Be More Sexually Intimate With Your Wife?

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How To Be More Sexually Intimate With Your Wife?

Sexuality is an essential area of the relationship. Being able to share moments of passion and intimacy with the partnership strengthens the bond. But, often, the passage of time and routine make a dent in our sexual life. Keeping the desire alive or lighting the spark again will require actions by both.

At the beginning of a relationship, sexual attraction is overwhelming. Our partner seems to us the most attractive person in the world and sexual encounters occur spontaneously and naturally. With the advancement of the relationship over time, the novelty component disappears.

Both begin to engage in daily chores and it seems that it is increasingly difficult to find moments for passion. This process is common in many lasting couples, but we must not resign ourselves. Eroticism is a habit that we can work between the two.

Keys to improving sex life as a couple
Work self-esteem

Not having good self-esteem can influence more than we imagine in our sex life. If we feel unattractive and insecure about our appearance, it will be difficult for us to enjoy privacy. Our mind can play tricks on us, focusing all our attention on trying to keep the couple from seeing that part of our body that makes us so complex.

The level of anxiety generated by this constant state of vigilance prevents spontaneity and sexual arousal. That is why it is essential to develop a positive self-image and learn to love our bodies. Your
How To Be More Sexually Intimate With Your Wife?
partner knows you, wants you and loves you the way you are. Start doing the same yourself too.

Shake with your body. Make peace with your image in the mirror. Get used to taking care of yourself, to take time to choose those clothes that make you feel better, to apply that cream every day. Get used to caressing yourself, going through your skin and enjoying the touch. Once you feel comfortable with yourself, inhibitions will disappear giving way to shared enjoyment.

Know each other

An essential aspect to enjoy full sex life is communication. Good lovers are not born, they are made. It is necessary to spend time to know the preferences and tastes of our partner, as well as being willing to reveal our own desires.

Many times we feel shame to ask what we want. We are afraid to express what practices or activities why not guide each other on that path?
How To Be More Sexually Intimate With Your Wife?
we like. However, being able to guide the other will be very favorable for both parties. Your partner wants to please you, just as you want to please him,

In order to communicate our whims and wills, we must first know how to identify them. At this point, self-knowledge and exploration of one's own body and individual desires are important. The more you know yourself, the easier it is to share it with your partner.

Cultivate eroticism to improve your sex life

In order to maintain eroticism, an active approach is required. Maintaining passion in the couple is a decision and requires certain actions. It is common that both members, by inertia, devote all their time and energy to daily tasks. Work, children, home, commitments ... It is easy to get lost in the maelstrom of everyday life and relegate sex life to the forefront.

However, eroticism is cultivated with intention. Looking for time for shared intimacy, innovating and connecting with desire, regenerating curiosity. Monotony is one of the greatest enemies of passion: try new things, different environments, express your fears without fear.

On the other hand, it is highly recommended to release expectations about how the sexual encounter should be. The tendency to control and excessive planning can ruin the encounter. It is important to learn to get carried away, to focus on the body and not on the mind; in the sensations and not in the thoughts.

Finally, do not forget that passion and intimacy grow day by day. Remind your partner how much you are attracted to, get used to exchanging flattery, to attend to the other person's efforts to be attractive. It is essential not to take the relationship for granted, not to fall into the excess security that leads us to neglect the couple.
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