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How Gain Muscle Fast

How Gain Muscle Fast

Have you wondered more than once what is the real key to increasing muscle mass?

We have prepared a guide for you to solve all your doubts about muscle development and discover practical advice on nutrition and physical exercise.

How does muscle growth work?

You may have tried different types of training and noticed improvements in strength but no increase in muscle mass ... so you have demotivated and maybe even thrown in the towel, right?

But did you know

  • When you start training for the first time (especially if you are a beginner) the increase in strength is due to better coordination and adaptation of the nervous system.
  • After the first 6-8 weeks, your body is able to perform more repetitions, even if you physically do not look stronger. However, if you train with consistency, your muscles will begin to adapt.
  • Muscles are composed of fibers that can become thicker and stronger. After each workout, the body tries to repair muscle tissue.

If you try hard enough, your body adapts to the new training stimuli and the muscles begin to grow.

There are two things that primarily stimulate muscle growth: a structured (and progressive!) Training plan and a protein-rich diet.

Workouts to increase muscle mass

Muscle growth is closely linked to genetics: some people develop muscle mass much more easily than others. However, regardless of how your genetics are, you can have a more muscular body if you organize your workouts in this way:

  • 2-3 strength training a week if you are a beginner (if you already have the experience, you can train more frequently).
  • For beginners: normally 24 hours are enough to recover from a short workout (<30 min) if you work your whole body. But if you are going to focus on a muscle group such as the legs, for example, it is advisable to wait 48 hours to re-train the same part of the body. If you still want to do some physical exercise while waiting, you should do some short and low-intensity training in which you work your entire body. For the more advanced: rest at least one or two days a week, ideally, after the longest or most intense training, you are going to do.
  • For beginners, it is enough to do between 2 and 3 series per exercise, while the most advanced will need to perform 3-5 (or more!) Series. The biggest mistake you can do is try to gain muscle mass without a training plan! Keep in mind that muscle growth requires perseverance and a gradual increase in training intensity. A good training plan can calculate the series and repetitions so you can see the results even if you train at home!
  • The recommended amount of repetitions depends on the type of exercise and the effort involved in doing so. Start by doing as many repetitions as you can while maintaining a good shape. For example, if you see that you can only do a push-up or push-up, do one in each series and finish the series by doing push-ups on the knees.
  • To stimulate muscle development it is important to gradually increase the load, regardless of the level you have. When you notice that you are increasing strength, choose variations of harder exercises or do more repetitions. A rule of thumb is to do more difficult exercises or vary them more when you see that you can do more than 12 repetitions without any difficulty.
  • To notice how hard your muscles work, focus on making controlled and slow descents. The eccentric part of the movement (when you lower the body to do flexion, for example) places more burden on the muscles. Try to count up to 3 seconds as you descend slowly: voilĂ  how to make a simple exercise more difficult!
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