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How To Increase Your Energy

How To Increase Your Energy

Fatigue or chronic fatigue is one of the worst problems of modern life, but we usually try to fix it the wrong way.

Pretending to get or find energy is like trying to catch a handful of water. If we want the water (energy) to be retained in the hand, we have to create the conditions that allow it. In the case of water, it is about keeping the fingers together and the palm in the shape of a concave vessel. The same happens with energy.

Energy is not something we get or take, but the result of certain conditions that allow it to appear or manifest itself in our lives. If health, attitude, body, and mind are aligned and in harmony, there is nothing else to do and we will automatically feel full of energy. This is the side effect of a healthy life.

Let's say, to understand us, that you are a swimmer who wears a ballast belt and wants to improve her time in the 50 free meters. You could choose to try to find the most sophisticated swimsuit made of titanium with high technology, which would reduce your time perhaps in one or two seconds, but wouldn't it be more reasonable and practical to take off your ballast belt?

Most people wear ballast belts and we intend to increase our energy with coffee and other stimulants, when, it would be enough to drop the ballast and we would automatically swim faster.

That ballast belt usually composes it:
The few hours of sleep, disorganization, toxic relationships, high carbohydrate diets, sensitivity to certain undiscovered foods and a whole series of realities of modern life. I am going to suggest six ways to remove the ballast. As you put them into practice you will be amazed at how your energy goes up.

Help the liver. It can help the liver to do its job more effectively and thus increase its energy. Making changes in your diet can be very useful for your liver to function well. The liver is perhaps the least understood and most belittled organ of the human body because when it does not work well, the first thing that pays the consequences is our energy. Giving the liver all the nutrients it needs to perform its daily tasks is one of the most important things we can do to increase energy.

Sunbathe for 10 minutes a day. The sun gives us strength, elevates the spirit and is a source of energy. However, we are becoming so phobic in the sun that we are missing the important benefits that Vitamin D offers to improve mood and boost our energy.
How To Increase Your Energy

Disconnect for a day. One of the biggest energy “thieves” of the 21st century is the information overdose. We feel overwhelmed by the amount of email, blogs, social networking websites, television, magazines, radio, mobiles, and others. Perhaps it is true that having information is having power, but excess information simply becomes noise. Try to spend a day free of the media and you will feel how your energy accumulates instead of dissipating attending thousands of distractions. Most of the chatter that circulates is not going to affect you and if you are afraid of the idea of disconnecting for a day, then you can be sure that you are the person who most needs that temporary disconnection.

Try not to look for excuses to do some exercise. We know that with physical exercise we recover energy, but when we look for the moment and place, time is always the biggest obstacle. You do not need a gym or special clothes, or a few hours of dedication. 15 or 20 minutes are enough to increase energy. You can run two kilometers, do stretching, some push-ups, get up a little earlier and walk half an hour. If none of this seems easy to you, leave the elevator and go up to the office or your home via the stairs. Leave the bus and walk. We can have excuses or have energy and health.

Relive your internal energy. Acupuncture is based on the precepts of traditional Chinese medicine, which says that the body and mind are inseparably linked and that this internal vital energy regulates the spiritual, mental and physical health of the person; that each of us is the subtle balance between two opposing and inseparable forces that we know as yin and yang and when that balance is broken, the vital energy is blocked or weakened. When that vital energy is at its optimum level and flows smoothly we feel able to conquer the world; We feel with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength, with health and energy.

Unclog the energy flow. There is a rule that we can consider universal and that our energy has a perfect inverse relationship with the accumulation of unnecessary things and objects. The more things around you that you don't use, that you don't need, the less energy you will have. Believe it or not, the appearance of your work table, your kitchen, your workplace, your living room, even your computer screen, actually reflects much of what happens in your brain. If you spend a little time organizing and "unblocking" your immediate environment, you will not only be freeing up a lot of physical space but also recharge your energy.
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