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Importance Of Self Talk

Importance Of Self Talk
Do you talk to yourself when you are alone? Quiet, do not go crazy, you are facing a good resource of the mind to maintain your health. The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology has recently published a study in which it is concluded that speaking with oneself helps the brain to foster intellectual capacity as well as favor thinking and perception.

According to the study conducted with volunteers, researchers have been able to see how a talk one is beneficial to maintain concentration avoiding distractions and enhancing attention.

This act could be understood as a practice in the face of social relations and the control of one's own thinking since it is an ideal way to be more determined and safe in the actions of daily life, it allows to have greater control of one's cognitive reactions, thoughts, and emotions.

Therefore, do not be ashamed to speak alone and, of course, do not stop doing it because you will be contributing to your brain a lot of benefits allowing it to add and process new information to what already exists, as well as to the one you acquire in your interactions with the world in which you move and with the people you interact with.

In addition to the aforementioned, I have just spoken also provides another series of benefits that are not negligible, such as increased self-esteem, motivation for personal achievements, knowledge of own limitations and skills or abilities, enhancement of memory and, in addition, it offers different perspectives to the same problem to reach a faster and more efficient solution.

It is important to point out the positive attitude, good personal treatment and self-respect when it comes to speaking alone since the positive elements of this practice could become a problem if we do not focus our abilities correctly and we bet on the Negative conversation.

Therefore, speaking with a perspective of improvement, focusing on problems with an attitude of finding solutions and offering ourselves support is a proven tool to achieve personal growth goals.

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