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How to know if you are a smartie and improve that attitude?

How to know if you are a smartie and improve that attitude?
A wise person is one who pretends to have the knowledge in abundance over others. Your opinion is more important and makes you know without realizing it. All his phrases begin with "I", the ego goes first.

No one objects to a person's experience but the way they express it. The smarty, "without intention" makes the other feel like a complete ignorant.

There are times when the environment is so heavy that nobody wants to give an opinion because their argument will be invalidated in some way: “let's do things better this way, I have proven that it works better this way”, “I have told you in a thousand ways how to do it, but I'll explain again. ” This phrase sounds like "you don't do things as I want." Again me ahead of but implied.

How to improve the smart attitude and be more assertive?
1. Active listening.

How to know if you are a smartie and improve that attitude?

The smart person has the power to generate rejection because it is conceived as an oyster, the only valuable thing is what she brings (this makes her feel). From the outset, there is no empathy and the encounter becomes monotonous, dispersed and with a feeling that it ends quickly.

Smarty people tend to focus the conversation after the ego, the ego. Avoid putting your opinion before that of your interlocutors. Sometimes, all the knowledge of the world is not necessary, just common sense or try new practices that generate better results.

When you actively listen, you give the opportunity to express the knowledge to the other and it makes you feel important. You earn more when you allow yourself practical silence.

Hard? Of course! The good news is that the will can with everything and the practice step by step generates monumental changes.

 2. Build confidence to give your opinion and generate ideas.
The wise person always has the argument to intimidate the ideas of others. Given this, the intention to provide solutions is diminished. "The smarty has already spoken, not even for what I think."

If you are convinced that your idea is good and generates satisfactory results, do not be afraid to present it with the proper arguments. However, remember that there are ideas that can be better than yours and even simpler to develop. It is necessary to have an open mind for innovation.

How many good ideas are lost when you don't generate enough confidence to express them. The magic of working in a team is that innovative solutions are found in the union of talents.

3. Generate synergy
When you actively listen and give the confidence to express ideas, you create the feeling that you care about the contributions of the other. Your colleagues feel that their knowledge and experience are as valid as that of the other members generating proactivity and optimal results.

Remember: "two heads think better than one."

Today you learned what it is like to behave like a smarty and you also learned how to avoid being or improve that attitude. It is difficult to change that personality style when it is entrenched but it is not impossible. I've been like that, I recognize it and I'm working to improve every day.

The above are not magic formulas. Everyone can determine how to improve a destructive attitude of social relations and implement improvements based on their particularity.
How to know if you are a smartie and improve that attitude?

Start by observing very well what you do, what you say and how you say it, your body expression. Then consider a change every time while continuing to persist. Habits work miracles.

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