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Child Misbehavior Problems

There are many parents who complain that their children misbehave with them, and it seems that the scene is repeated again and again within families, why does this happen? Many times children when they leave school, daycare or when they spend time with their parents go from being angels to
behaving inappropriately where bad behavior becomes the protagonist.

Child Misbehavior Problems

It is necessary to understand why children behave worse with parents than with any other person and then be able to handle these uncomfortable situations. In this way, you can get a pleasant atmosphere at home.

Why your child behaves better with other people

Children show their true selves with their parents, especially young children. When the children arrive home they show themselves as they are since in other contexts they have been repressing their true behavior because they did not have such a strong emotional bond with those adults.

But you should know that this is so because they feel deep love, affection, admiration and connection with you, their parents. Children are shown as they are with their parents because they feel relaxed, they feel at home. But of course, this is no excuse for children to behave badly.

He can be himself without behaving badly

Although it is normal for children to have their own behaviors, their tantrums and occasionally their behavior is not appropriate, it does not always have to be that way. When a child enters a tantrum with his mother or father, it is because he does not attend to how he wants it done and has no other way of externalizing it.

For example, if the child wants to eat french fries but the mother tells him that it is dinner time, it is most likely that there is a conflict of interest and a small discussion is created. So that this does not happen you can negotiate with the child that if you eat the whole dinner, then you will have a few chips.

By this, I mean that children who behave badly do not do so because they want to harm the home environment, they are the first who want to feel good at home. But all bad behavior has behind a cause that parents will have to discover, whatever it is.

Once this cause is discovered, it will be necessary to work together through emotions and calm so that in addition to the child redirecting his behavior, he knows what is expected of him and how he should do it.

Routines are your best allies

Children feel that their parents should be their protectors, who must meet their basic needs and emotional needs, and when this is not met, it is when bad behavior can appear imminently.

So that this does not happen, it will be more than necessary to work the emotions with the children since they are very young and comply with some routines at home that help them understand the structure of the day and feel safe in each of the moments. Routines serve children who misbehave with their parents to know what they play at all times and what is expected of them. With this mental structure, they will be able to find security and calm so that the tantrums and bad behavior are considerably diminished.

Routines also serve parents

But routines are not only for children, but adults also use to control their emotions and that the day does not overflow. Routines are necessary for parents to structure the day and to organize in advance what will happen in each moment, so they can transmit it to their children and then do it and that everything is well organized in the minds of all family members.

Child Misbehavior Problems
By reducing the bad behavior on the part of the children, the parents will feel less frustration and more joy so that family time will become a quality time where children and parents can live in peace and tranquility.

When there is a good atmosphere of harmony at home, parents will feel more connected to their children (and vice versa) and it will be much easier to laugh, play and hug each other.
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