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The modern sari draping styles of 32 to shake your fashion statement in 2019

Fashion is something that constantly evolves. Be it a fusion style or a complete renovation of traditional dress types, style trends are not here to stay forever.

With the constant evolution of style, the fall of the sari has also undergone a sea of changes. Here are the modern sari drape styles of 32 to shake your fashion statement in 2019:

# 1 Floating Style Draping
 The modern sari draping styles of 32 to shake your fashion statement in 2019

The conventional method of wearing a sari, which allows the palu to flow freely after being thrown to the shoulder, not only has an elegant appearance but is also one of the preferred ways of covering it, both on casual occasions and on glamorous occasions.

# 2 Draped Lehenga Saree
 The modern sari draping styles of 32 to shake your fashion statement in 2019

With the saris experiencing more in recent times, it is not surprising that they are now paired with virtually everything. Even with lehengas! Yes, you read it right.

The use of saree on a lehenga can be very dramatic, not only because it gives all the thrust and majesty to its appearance, but also tends to increase its volume.
# 3 Cabo Drape
 The modern sari draping styles of 32 to shake your fashion statement in 2019
Capes They are the ones in the fashion world right now. Be it tops or dresses, saris or lehengas, a cape instantly elevates any look.

And it doesn't even take a lot of work to wear one. Just get a matching cape and put it on your shoulders once you've covered your favorite sari. And ready, you are there to rule the world with all that glory!

# 4 Dhoti Style Saree / Drape
 The modern sari draping styles of 32 to shake your fashion statement in 2019
The dhoti style is one of those classic styles to wear a sari: wear your sari with a pair of dhoti pants or cover it.

Although draping the dhoti sari style is more of a technicality, it is often more attractive than wearing it over ready-made dhoti pants. In fact, the effort is more attractive than style any day!

# 5 Saree Drape over Jeans

Jeans and sari sounded exotic just a while ago. Although not anymore. Saris have become as versatile as your favorite pants. So matching the two is a very good option. Casually sensual has never been a term, but you can definitely be an effortless sensual woman with this look.

# 6 Draped Pallu Sari Draped

 The modern sari draping styles of 32 to shake your fashion statement in 2019
The crooked pallu style is a pretty interesting take on the conventional style of saree draping. And the process is nothing awkward too.

Twisting the pallu like a braid before leaving it on your shoulder makes you stand out while achieving the perfect twisted curtain. You can choose to make things even more interesting with a funky blouse in contrast. Either way, you're ready to make simple things amazing!

# 7 Draped Pleated Back

 The modern sari draping styles of 32 to shake your fashion statement in 2019
Back folds in a sari? This is how innovation sounds. While saris have always been folded in the front, saris with back folds look equally impressive, if not more. Just accommodate the folds in the back instead of the usual front fold and leave the flow for once. Trust me, it's worth it!

# 8 half sari with belt

 The modern sari draping styles of 32 to shake your fashion statement in 2019
Half of the saris have been in fashion over time, especially in the southern states of India. A matching belt to accentuate your waist and the appeal of these saris media can be a wonderful addition to fashion. And given the traditional nature of these saris, it is more suitable if the belt is improvised in a matching pattern and/or a contrasting color.

# 9 Gujarati Drape

Gujarati sari curtain is another style that you can try if you want to go traditional but not very conventional. Instead of a free-flowing pallu that falls on the back, this style allows the pallu to cover the front before being tucked into the waist.

In addition, you can opt for a piece with fringes to make it look modern and innovative without too much trouble!

# 10 Double Drape

For the days when you can't decide which saree to use, try using two! The double curtain style of wearing saree is a very necessary innovation in the field of saree draping.

It doesn't really matter if you choose saris in contrasting or complementary tones. The double curtain works just as effectively with any type. Double standards may not be elegant, double curtains surely are!

# 11 Draped under a jacket

Dressing in the brightness of a sari with a plaid jacket to eliminate winter cold is such a smart fashion choice. It's elegant, it's cozy and definitely innovative. If yours is your thing, we guarantee you will achieve it with this unique aspect.

# 12 Royal Angrakha Drape

This is a 'tribute' to the Mughal style royalty of the outfits. Sounds very old, but trust me, this is one of the most charming modern looks that almost elevates the appeal of your six yards of wonder.

# 13 Draped sari curtain

The elegance of a sari adorning the grace of a robe speaks of all the beautiful things. Saree dresses are, therefore, one of the most elegant ways to make a fashion statement. Although more than a certain style, sari dresses are a type of dress itself. Fusion clothing It has never been as innovative as saris transformed into dresses.

# 14 Panty Style Drape

Be it a pair of jeans or a pair of embroidered pants, the saris go surprisingly well with casual clothes. Elegant and comfortable, this draped style is a winner informal meetings, as well as in crazy parties.

# 15 draped half blouse

As the name implies, the casual half curtain blouse allows you to talk. The sari is covered in a conventional manner so that the impact of half the blouse blooms throughout the outfit, which is a guaranteed pleasure for the eyes.

# 16 Draped tight loose

For those who are not too adapted to wear the sari, the loose curtain is the style for them. Letting the palĂș 'cover' the not-so-perfect folds is the perfect choice for those women who are not so skilled!

# 17 Wrapped wristband

Now, this is an interesting take on saree draping. The curtain is the same as that of the folds and everything, except the pallu, is wrapped around the wrist instead of allowing it to sit on the torso. A heavy blouse to show off works well for this style of saree draping.

# 18 Draped saree with a belt

The accentuated effect that a belt has on its curves can never be stressed enough. That's why when they pair over a sari, they tend to make you even more attractive. You may not find much innovation in this interpretation of the sari, but it is nonetheless attractive.

# 19 shawl shawl

To avoid winter chills in style, you can try placing your sari on your torso like a shawl. But to achieve this aspect you will need a very long sari, something of nine feet or you can go for two separate saris to achieve this functionally elegant appearance.

# 20 butterfly saree curtain

This is a pretty sexy sari style. Worn a little lower at the waist to accentuate the curves and flaunt the diaphragm, the style is further improved by bending the palu as thin as possible to further enhance its figure and attractiveness.

# 21 palace curtain

Putting a sari on a building Sounds so easy but elegant. And it is very easy to achieve this aspect too. In addition, it is conventional and modern, all in one.

# 22 L (B) D Draped

While we are still trying to wear a sari over a pair of jeans, the world has come a long way. So here emerges the style of a sari wrapped in an LBD or, for that matter, a little dress up what. Although it seems more adventurous, this is a worthwhile style.

# 23 Draped Sweet Arm

Letting the pallu rest on the arms to place a sari curtain that is ethereal and rather a lehenga pillar, the candy curtain for arms is also an innovatively modern style of sari use.

# 24 Mumtaz drape

A retro style of saree draping made famous by former Indian actress Mumtaz, the curtain Mumtaz It is one of the most emblematic of the lot. A hit among celebrities in city B, this is one of the most sensual ways to wear a sari.

# 25 Trail Drape

The oscillations prevailing in the events of the red carpet, the path of the sari is one that all the girls would love to travel. A basic draping otherwise, but with the pallu long enough to create that gorge path when it is set behind.

# 26 Draped Pallu Knotted

When you have a blouse so beautiful that it is worth it in all the shows, then you must let the pale one go out and let the blouse make the statement. But if you are not someone too comfortable with the palu not resting on your torso, then do not worry. Try to tie the pallet of the sari halfway and then pass it over your shoulder to achieve that knotty look!

# 27 Neck draping

Another draping style that relies on the sari palette to create its appeal is the neck curtain. The pallu is made to go around the neck to reach this somewhat sophisticated and fusion look of an essentially Indian dress.

# 28 Draped waist

The pallu has been played so frequently that the form of saree draping is mainly based on how the pallu is used. This particular style has the pallu wrapped around the waist to create the impression of a loose one-piece suit.

# 29 Retro Drape

The name is retro, but the curtain remains as lovely as ever. A favorite among the celebrities of the city B to take a trip on the path of memory, the retro style has never ceased to be fashionable and remains one of the most elegant ways to wear a sari.

# 30 Dupatta Drape

It is not a draped style in itself, but innovative. This style has a dupatta thrown over the neck to complement the tone of the sari and enhance the fluid grace of the sari.

# 31 Madisaru Draping

The traditional Madisaru style of saree draping. It is a program that is taught in a dress style native to the state of Karnataka. One of the most interesting styles of use, this curtain has two sewn saris to achieve this unique look.

# 32 Hijab Style

Wearing the hijab in hijab style has the palu go for the head in a true conservative style. Although it is not a style that is particularly modern, but peculiar enough if you want to get rid of the everyday look.

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