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Women Are Better Bosses Than Men

Women Are Better Bosses Than Men
Employees who work under a woman are, on average, 6% more committed to their work than those who do it for a man

request; who is a better boss, man, or woman? Well, according to a study by the Gallup Institute, women are now doing better than men. Why?

According to the study of the market research company, titled State of the American Manager, women tend to be better leaders than men. In fact, the study indicates that employees who work under a woman's orders are, on average, 6% more committed to their work than those who do it for a man.

The study also indicates that women leaders tend to be much more committed (41%) than men (35%), thanks to which they manage to form more committed teams that achieve much higher returns on their work.
Women Are Better Bosses Than Men

According to Gallup, there are several reasons that explain why women are better bosses than men. In the first place, it is 1.26 times more likely than employees who work led by a woman feel that there is someone who stimulates their development than those who work under the orders of a man. This indicates that women clearly outperform men when it comes to cultivating and extracting the potential in others and in helping their employees define a better future for them, according to the report. That does not mean that women are more willing to promote their employees than men, but they might be more apt to find stimulating tasks that pose a challenge to their employees, which would help them to develop in their current positions. and go beyond them.

Women are also more inclined to regularly provide their employees with comments and opinions about their work that help them achieve their goals, one of the three things that employees say they most want from their bosses, according to the study.

Employees who work for a woman are 1.17 times more willing than those who do for a man to recognize that they receive recognition for doing a good job. For Gallup, this indicates that women are better than men when it comes to making comments that help employees feel valued for their daily tasks and contributions. It also suggests that women may be better than men in helping their employees to harness the power of positive reinforcement.

One possible explanation for this fact is that, in some way, women could be better adapted and more willing to use their natural talents to engage their work teams because they need to exceed the expectations placed on them in order to advance their organizations, given that the middle and high levels of their management are saturated with men, the report indicates.
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