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Dog Care Facts

Dog Care Facts

A human perceives the world through his senses, just like a canine, but both do it in a different way, while the human does it through the following order: eyes, ears and nose, canines have a perception of the world, mainly through your nose, then the eyes and finally there is the auditory sense.

However, it is important to take care and keep clean, as well as healthy, each of the body parts of the furry four-legged friends. First, to continue to clearly perceive the world and second to be healthy, but also happy. So go ahead and discover more in: eyes, nose, and mouth! Tips to take care of a dog.

Importance of care

The key to having your four-legged furry with you for a long time and of course so that he lives very happy is that you take care of him, being meticulous and understanding how it works, as well as the ways to take care of each of the parts of his body. Here are some facts, curiosities, and tips for you to take care of three important parts of your dog's body.


This is a vital organ, both for humans and for canines. It is widely heard that when dogs are in a senior stage they suffer from blindness, however, that is not the only condition they can have, hairy ones can also suffer from cataracts, corneal ulcers, irritation, infections or injuries. In addition, it should be remembered that in the mornings, hairy ones may also have lizards like humans and that is why frequent eye care is important.

Dog Care Facts


  • Make sure that your friend's eyes are always free, that is, that he has good visibility. If you are a very hairy dog, then take scissors with a round tip and carefully trim the excess or tangled hair in your eye area. In addition, after the bath combs her hair so that she keeps the eye area clear and thus has better visibility, but also that way the risk of suffering any type of disease is reduced.
  • Use a saline solution and a cotton ball or gauze (the most recommended) to clean the mucus you may have in the eye area.
  • After a bath, too much water may enter and cause irritation. In this case, you can use warm water and dry your hair after bathing.
  • Drops of eye drops in your friend's eyes will help prevent irritation, so you can apply them. Normal morning lizards can be cleaned with gauze and warm water, now if something strange is observed in the color, a veterinarian should be consulted.
  • To clean spots around the eyes you can use gauze, warm water or a special remover (you can consult with a veterinarian what kind of remover)

Dog Care Facts
Curious fact
It is believed that dogs do not perceive colors, but scientists have proven that dogs can perceive some.


As we presented earlier, the nose is the main sense with which dogs perceive the world. You can say that the nose in dogs is like the eye for the human being, that is why their care is very important. By taking the following into account, your four-legged friend can continue enjoying his favorite activity without problems:


  • Summertime burns can be a constant problem in canines, so you can avoid that the canine is exposed to the sun for a long time and if it is, veterinarians recommend applying sunscreen (minimum factor 15 and without zinc oxide).
  • Depigmentation, that is, when it is observed that the color of the nose is changing or is dulling, can be avoided by providing the hairy vitamin B complex or visiting a veterinarian to determine the reasons.
  • When they go out to play, let your friend smell what he wants because it is what makes him stimulate and develop his intelligence.

Curious fact
Dogs have an impressive olfactory instinct, they can track over a million aromas and smells. Surprisingly, right?

Seeing a dog panting is one of the canine actions that conquer a dog lover because they know that the canine is happy. Although, sometimes that gasp and smile of the dog are accompanied by bad breath (which is a bit unpleasant), gingivitis or periodontal diseases. When it is, it is no longer so pleasant to see him smile or gasp because something is wrong in his mouth. To avoid this situation, the following recommendations must be taken into account.

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