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What To Do When Children Fight?

What To Do When Children Fight?

The current problem is that many parents want to solve problems for their children. In general, they ask themselves how far they have to intervene.

May 11 Pedro seems distressed when he returns from school. He has just quarreled with his friend Joaquin. "He took the ball and did not let me keep playing." The boy, six years old, is about to cry. The mother is outraged. "It can not be, I call Joaquin's parents right now." However, while he is on the phone, he hesitates. "Will I be doing well?"

What To Do When Children Fight?

According to psychologists, in general, parents worry more about children today than before. This greater attention has, of course, its negative aspect, since some parents give the fights between children more important than before and make a great subject something minimal. For this reason, most specialists advise against running to the telephone and turning a child's problem into their own.

Instead of acting for the child, adults should assume a position closer to that of a mediator. They can ask, for example, exactly what happened, and complete with questions such as: "How did you perceive the fight? How do you think your friend perceived it?" Sure there are examples in which the son himself behaved similarly and did not want to play with someone. The talk is not intended to find a culprit, but to confront the child with other points of view. This allows the child to act more safely and lightly when they meet again with their friend, or if the friend undertakes an approach.
What To Do When Children Fight?
The current problem is that many parents want to solve problems for their children. In general, they ask themselves how far they have to intervene. A typical scene: the five-year-old daughter invited a little girl to play and she spends her giving orders. Many parents feel an obligation to intervene immediately. However, psychologists advise to wait a bit and not run to always present a solution.

What if the children keep fighting after a long time? In that case, the adult should not act as a judge, but as a mediator. The ideal is that, first, each of the children can express their opinion. Then the adult can ask the children what solutions come to mind. Many times, parents end up surprised by the good ideas that the children have. The next step is to analyze them together: are they not dangerous, just and can they be put into practice? In this way, children quickly notice if with their proposals they sought to benefit only themselves.

However, sometimes, the fight has no way out. Nobody wants to give in, both insist on keeping the toy in dispute. In those cases, you can say: "If you do not finish with this, I take out the toy." In general, children find a solution. After all, it's better to share a toy than to lose it.

What To Do When Children Fight?

On the other hand, there are situations in which the parents have to intervene, yes or yes, such as when, for example, physical or verbal violence is used in the game. If this happens at school, it is best for parents to talk with the teacher. In any case, it is important not to do any of this against the will of the son himself.

Parents should ask the child first what they want. Only if the problem is very serious, it may be advisable to talk with the school or kindergarten even against the will of the child. In that case, it is important to explain to the child why it is important to do so.

However, in most fights, it is always wise to trust the child and support him or her to solve it on its own, since learning to fight - and problem-solving - is also learning

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