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Lacto Vegetarian diet || Popular diet paln in the world

Hello, guys today we will discuss the Lacto Vegetarian diet. This diet plan is very popular in the world. We will try to provide simple tips and important information about Lacto-diet. So of course follow this article.

Lacto Vegetarian diet

Basic rules to follow the Lacto vegetarian diet

The Lacto-vegetarian diet is another alternative to the vegan (or vegetarian) diet, this variant allows you to add milk and dairy products to the daily menu.
Interestingly, this diet is very popular among followers of various religions such as Hindu and Buddhist.
Do you want to know the basic rules to follow this diet? Keep reading and you will know everything about the lacto vegetarian diet.

What is the Lacto-vegetarian diet?

Lacto-vegetarianism rejects all products of animal origin except milk since this can be obtained without animal suffering.
Thanks to the proteins, vitamins and other nutrients of dairy products and weekly menu planning we achieve a balance in food.
Lacto Vegetarian diet

  • Ease of following the Lacto-vegetarian diet: 4 (Being 1 more complex and 10 easier)
  • Daily calories: From 1500 to 3000 Kcal daily
  • Daily proteins: Between 1 and 1.5 gr of protein per kilo of weight
  • Daily carbohydrates: Between 200 and 400 grams a day
  • Daily fats: The one that provides milk and nuts

Advantages of the Lacto-vegan diet?

  • It is a fairly healthy diet that if you need it allows you to lose weight as it eliminates all animal fat except milk cream.
  • Lacto-vegetarians show respect for all animals by avoiding unnecessary suffering.
  • We help to take care of the environment by not consuming meat or fish.
  • An extra benefit of not including meat in our diet is to avoid exposure to hormones that the meat industry injects into animals to fatten and grow faster.
What nourishments can I/I not eat in the Lacto-veggie lover diet - Nourishments permitted in the Lacto-veggie lover diet
Lacto Vegetarian diet

  • In the Lacto-vegetarian diet, all kinds of vegetables, fruits, vegetables, nuts, spices, and roots are allowed.
  • Cereals, legumes, and sprouts.
  • Dairy and all its derivatives such as butter, cheese, yogurt, kefir ...

Nourishments NOT permitted in the Lacto-veggie lover diet

  • Any type of animal product except milk and its derivatives

  • The Lacto-vegetarian diet is prohibited in all types of meat and fish and its derivatives.

Contraindications of the Lacto-vegetarian diet

If we do not plan the menu very well we will quickly find deficiencies in proteins and essential vitamins.

Being a Lactovegetarian rather than following a diet consists of adopting a philosophy of life since you should avoid using products made with animal skin and any type of product tested on animals.

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