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Unhealthy Relationships Characteristics

The problem my generation has is that in order to know where the world is going, it thinks it has to look at its parents instead of its children.
Unhealthy Relationships Characteristics

After Christmas, I went to eat with a friend. He told me a lot and very well about a new person in his life, a girl he met months ago and with whom he was writing a lot. “But we don't go to bed, that's not it. I respect my girlfriend. ”

I left the cutlery on the table because there are few impressive moments in life, and I suspected that it was going to be one of them. How much was "a lot"? “Every day,” he said with bright eyes, “and always a message of good morning and another of goodnight. Not two hours pass without telling us something or calling us. But we do not go further, we are not cheating anyone, we just do not know where this is going. ”

"We don't go further," he said. Where do you have to go now, the soul of the pitcher?

My friend X, and my friend Y, and I guess several more because this is a plague, they have so much confidence in their Catholic education that they believe there is more infidelity in fucking than in writing. And they probably all think that their partner is grateful to them when the most natural thing, if necessary, is that your boyfriend or your girlfriend goes to bed with whomever they want and erase their number as soon as possible because a dust lasts much less and is more Discreet to pick up the phone at a dinner or a holiday and miss another.

I told my friend what I thought: that of course, it is okay to write with everyone and write more with people you appreciate or like, that it is also natural fooling, that sometimes one can - by inertia, by unconsciousness, for pleasure or frivolity — to take it further, but calling and writing every day and telling each other everything was a sentimental relationship, whether sex or not. And that he was free to have that relationship and a hundred more, God frees me to judge him, but in life so important is to invent a motorcycle like not selling it to others.

I detect in my generation a terrible desire not to feel bad when evil is done, or worse, to believe that anything is wrong. I also detect that sex continues to be prestigious and has the aura of the climax of love, maximum deception and greater betrayal in the case of the unfaithful couple. It seems respectable, but, as in health, homeopathy aggravates what you want to fight. That kind of relationships of 200 messages a day, exchanges of photos and addictive hooks to another person without touching them are kept to "not put the horns" is the final joke: there are more horns in a "goodnight" from the bed while you watch a series with your partner that in a quick dust, or two, with an unknown person in an elevator.

It is urgent to discredit and banalize, according to what occasions, sex. The problem my generation has is that it believes that in order to know where the world is going it has to look at its parents instead of its children, and not only. We are 40 years old and we live among the crossfire of a generation that is ceasing to know everything about a world that it no longer understands and another that begins to know about a world that it does not yet understand. Umberto Eco, who would still be millennial alive, made his character fall in love with an orgy of a woman with whom he was having sex and then, only then, invited her to a coffee: that is to have understood everything. We often love a conversation more than an orgasm, even if we enjoy the second one more, so we should abuse it more and treat the other more carefully. 
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