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Practical Changes For a Healthy Lifestyle

Practical Changes For a Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle has many myths and stereotypes that few dare to overcome. The truth is that daring to modify some habits, makes you a happier, active, healthy and inspiring person.

How to start changing my habits easily?


Practical Changes For a Healthy Lifestyle
For some people, the subscription in a gym requires money, time and strength of will, and although it is an excellent alternative if you want to start exercising without starting the process of learning to use machines there are several alternatives, free or economic, different and fun.

It is a practice to balance your mind and body in parallel. It started in Colombia, Bogotá mainly in 2008, as an influence of the foreign public.
Practical Changes For a Healthy Lifestyle
It consists of walking on a rope stretched between two trees testing your ability to maintain balance and reach from end to end. At more advanced levels, you can execute yoga positions on the rope and do tricks.

It is a sport that apparently does not require great physical effort to run passively, but you exercise, it is fun and you can practice it with your friends or make new ones in the process.

Martial Arts
Contrary to what you think, martial arts are focused on improving your quality of life physically, mentally and spiritually. It is a discipline that appropriates your body and strengthens your mind.
Practical Changes For a Healthy Lifestyle

And it is not enough to learn to defend yourself from any situation.

Changing eating habits is one of the most difficult challenges to face. The secret to succeeding in this change is to do it little by little, discovering and tasting healthy things knowing that you may like it and not, replacing some foods with new alternatives. We leave you some tips.

Breakfasts: Granola, Almond milk, and Honey
If you are over 20 years old, it is time to replace sugary cereals for children and start the day with a food that fills you with energy. The granola with honey and almond milk, in addition to having a delicious and sweet flavor, complement your diet to start the day.

Snacks: Nuts, cereal bars, sugar-free brownies
It is a myth "eat thin", on the contrary, you need your body to be consuming foods that give energy and speed up the metabolism. The difference is the type of food you consume. We recommend this type of Snacks for your morning and afternoon drinks.

The body and the mind generate a balance in your well-being. When your body is healthy, it fills you with energy and vitality, but your mind is not balanced,
Practical Changes For a Healthy Lifestyle
you will not find the willpower you need to have positive changes.

Aromatherapy is a relaxation technique in which you literally do not have to do ANYTHING just to breathe, relax and feel better. It is practiced with essential oils, you can do it reclining in some comfortable place or while you work or do some activity that generates stress. It generates a feeling of happiness and relief.

Use it to relax all the thoughts that are generating stress. Sit in a comfortable and quiet place, choose a mantra: "I am at peace or I am calm". Synchronize your breathing by placing one hand on your stomach and another on your chest, a stressed person usually only breathes with the upper part of the lungs, tries to breathe until you feel it reaches your stomach and repeats the mantra you chose.

Do it until you feel totally relaxed and with a clear mind.

They are simple steps to start a healthy lifestyle without radically changing, each step will take you to new experiences and new challenges that you will easily assume. 

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