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How to use a heated eyelash curler | Best tips for beginners

Hello guys, Today we will discuss how to use a heated eyelash curler, best tips for beginners.  Of course, read the full article for details.

How to use a heated eyelash curler (guide for beginners)

Maybe his appearance as an instrument of torture has prevented you from checking its usefulness. You may be afraid that it will damage your eyelashes or even hurt you by using it, but if you use it properly, you do not have to have problems. The eyelash curler is your friend. Or it should be.
How to use a heated eyelash curler

Because, although many eyelash masks promise to curl our gazes to infinity the truth is that, to date, none can give us the result that gives an eyelash curler, well used, of course.

Do you have the "donkey eyelashes"? Do you think your eyelashes look good just by wearing the mask? Well, we invite you to try this tool present in the toilet of women and make-up artists for more than 80 years. For this, here is a small guide with everything you need to know about eyelash curlers:]

Always before the mascara 

a classic first-time mistake is to believe that the eyelash curler is applied once we have put on the mask. The tabs must be clean when using the eyelash curler to avoid damaging them. Because if for example, we use the curler with the mascara put almost certainly many will be stuck to the contraption and will break. In addition, we will get a dirty finish, with mascara gobs and a very forced curvature.
How to use a heated eyelash curler


when using the eyelash curler you must arrange the eyelashes on the pad being careful to keep a safe distance with the skin to avoid annoying pinching. Press for a few seconds to get the tab shape. When you stop pressing, open the curler slightly before removing it to avoid pulling.
You can apply the curler up to three different points of your lashes to get a more open curvature

Riza in two points:

there are those who apply the curler up to three different points of the eyelashes, although that will depend on the length of these. The most common is to curl them in two points to obtain a more open curvature. To do this, first apply pressure to the base of the eyelashes (count, for example, up to ten), then curl in the area near the tips. If your eyelashes are long enough, add a curl in the middle area of the eyelashes. In any case, you will see that with this technique your eyes open with a more natural curve.

Warm the curling iron: 

with a hairdryer, apply hot air over the curling iron head for a few seconds until you check that the rubber has taken temperature. Then it will be time to curl your lashes so that the heat gives you a more durable finish.

How to apply the mascara after the curler? 

For a better result, after using the eyelash curler it is recommended to apply the mask in two steps:

Make a first application of the mascara above the eyelashes, turning the brush in the direction of the curvature to enhance the effect achieved.
Then, apply the mascara slowly from the base up in a zigzag pattern to impregnate all the hair. It especially affects the base of the eyelashes to open the eyes well and fix the finish achieved with the curling iron.

When to use the eyelash curler? 

On the one hand, you can use it when you go without makeup, to sweeten, and open your eyes. It will give you a very natural touch that will make a difference. Also, of course, whenever you are going to apply mascara. Finally, the curler is used before placing the false eyelashes, so that the eyelash is lifted and can not be seen once the insert is placed
How to use a heated eyelash curler


The pad is the most important part of the eyelash curler. Therefore, as soon as it deteriorates (cracks or hardens too much), it should be replaced by a new one. In this way, we will always achieve an optimal finish without damaging our lashes. A damaged pad can curl your lashes and split them. For this reason, you will find that many curlers include replacement pads.

Also, from time to time it is recommended to clean the pad with soap and water to prevent accumulated dirt from deteriorating prematurely. If anyone has benefited from How to use a heated eyelash curler article, please share.

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