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women's shirt styles names | 6 Ways To Wear A Shirt And Have 6 Different Looks

Today we will share some women's shirt styles names. And provide simple tips about women's shirt styles.
The influencer @fashioninflux teaches us in less than a minute of video 6 different ways to wear an oversized shirt that looks different in each look.

If there's something that we love about Instagram, it's the stylistic inspiration it gives us. Beyond looks for certain occasions, seasonal garments, or trends of the network itself, we often find videos like this one in which a garment that we all have in the closet is reinvented and we are taught that it can be worn in many ways different that we would not have imagined. Of course, the shirt you use is very important.

What shirt do you use to get all these possibilities?

The type of shirt you use is important, use something 'oversize', you need extra fabric to create some of the looks, also choose one that has a moldable fabric, if it is very rigid they will not be the same, and you can also wrinkle excessively Shirt.

Form 1: With lateral knots, using hair gums. This way he achieves an oversized look without putting the shirt inside.
6 Ways To Wear A Shirt And Have 6 Different Looks !

Form 2: Tucking the neck in and making a knot in the center.

Form 3: Our favorite. He removes a shoulder, puts the neck on that side inside, hides the sleeve inside and knots it to finish introducing the shirt inside the pants. The result: super stylish.

Form 4: Roll the shirt under the bra and use it as a crop top.
women's shirt styles names

Form 5: The front knot but made with a rubber band, so the fabric does not suffer so much and you make sure to keep the knot all day.

Form 6: Tying the shirt under the chest and then put it in the back, leaving the gut in the air.
women's shirt styles names

We have loved this inspiration to wear oversized shirts, having a single garment can create many looks. If anyone has benefited from women's shirt styles names article, please share

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